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WWE has locked in plans for Charlotte Flair’s return


WWE has locked in plans for Charlotte Flair’s return

It appears that Charlotte Flair is getting closer to making a return to WWE TV.

The former WWE Raw, SmackDown, and NXT Champion has been on hiatus for several months. Up to this point, there have been mixed reports regarding when she will make her return. Some said that she would be back by SummerSlam, which didn’t happen, while others said that she would be back in early 2021.

Earlier this week, WrestleVotes reported that WWE had discussed an idea of pairing Flair and Andrade together on television as they are a couple in real life. The logic behind this idea would be for it to make Andrade seem like a main eventer next to Flair, who is one of the top stars in the women’s division. reports that while that idea may have been discussed, it won’t be happening. In fact, it was noted that the idea didn’t even get as far as being pitched to Flair.

Thus, WWE will have Andrade and Flair make their returns as singles stars just like they had been before they took time off. It was added that whatever plans WWE does have for Flair are ‘locked in’ at this point.

With the build to WWE TLC already underway, it appears that fans will have to wait at least one more month to see Flair back on TV. On a related note, the WWE star was recently with Alexa Bliss in Los Angeles in order to film an episode of the Punky Brewster reboot.