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WWE has delayed title match until the Royal Rumble


WWE has delayed title match until the Royal Rumble

WWE closes out the year with its TLC pay-per-view event this Sunday night and then will begin the build to the Royal Rumble in January.

There has been some speculation about Matt Riddle challenging WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley at TLC due to the booking as of late on Monday Night Raw. With TLC just a few days away, some fans believed the match would be announced by now, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that this contest has been pushed back until the Royal Rumble instead of taking place at TLC. Of course, keep in mind that plans change all of the time in WWE.

WWE has teased Jeff Hardy feuding with Lashley as the two stars just worked a six-man tag team match on Monday’s Raw.

As of this writing, Riddle, Lashley, or Hardy do not have any matches set for TLC. Meltzer also reported details on the big money deal that WWE has offered Riddle.

WWE has yet to announce the date for next year’s Royal Rumble, but it’s likely to take place in the final week of January.