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WWE has abandoned the Brock Lesnar trademark


WWE has abandoned the Brock Lesnar trademark

There’s an interesting development regarding former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar.

As first noted by Heel by Nature via the USPTO, the trademark for Brock Lesnar was canceled after WWE failed to comply with a documentation request.

WWE filed for the Brock Lesnar trademark on 1/9, which is standard for everyone who works for them because of merchandising purposes.

The USPTO denied WWE’s request on 3/12 because they needed written consent from Lesnar and there were issues with some of the verbiage in the filing.

WWE was given six months to get written consent from Lesnar and that was not provided, so their filing was abandoned on 9/15 and confirmed via correspondence to the company on 10/2.

Lesnar is no longer under contract with WWE. His contract as an active performer expired shortly after WrestleMania and his merchandise contract expired in August.

It’s not clear when or if Lesnar plans on returning to WWE and there are no signs that he plans on fighting again in UFC.

Lesnar was spotted back home in Canada earlier this week. Click here to see a recent photo of Lesnar with a new look.