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WNW’s Impact Wrestling News Update (11/13/20)


WNW’s Impact Wrestling News Update (11/13/20)

Hello everyone my welcome back to another edition of WNW’s Impact Wrestling News Update and although these types of articles come out on either Saturday or Sunday, I’ve decided to make this one a day or two earlier.

Some shocking news regarding three of Impact’s most popular stars has been revealed; Plus, Improvements to Impact’s streaming service has been announced as well as a special event that set to occur on Impact’s Facebook page.

And finally, I’ll give you an update on the up-and coming Knockouts Tag Team Tournament and the new matches have been announced for Turning Point; So with all that said, lets get into it.

Improvements Coming To Impact Plus

According to a recent post made by the company on their website and on their social media pages:

“IMPACT Plus is currently migrating to a new system as part of an overall product augmentation.

Subscribers may experience downtime during this period. This process will be completed shortly, and the brand-new IMPACT Plus will launch.