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Video: Dax Harwood receives several stitches after Wednesday’s Dynamite


Dax Harwood of The Pinnacle received several stitches following Wednesday night’s brawl with the Inner Circle.

AEW put up on Twitter a post-match exclusive of Harwood receiving the stitches.  Harwood also posted his own photos on Twitter as well.

In addition, AEW posted footage of the brawl to Twitter as well.

You can check out the posts from AEW and Harwood below, along with the description of the brawl from Josh Boutwell’s full Dynamite recap. 

In the Pinnacle locker room MJF says he has a gift for his boys and introduces their new personal stylist that he is giving them. MJF has an interior decorator to redecorate the locker room and then opens the bathroom where the Inner Circle is standing! They jump the Pinnacle and a brawl is on! They brawl all throughout the backstage area with Sammy Guevara hitting a GTS on Spears and then slamming his head in between the door and doorway Ric Flair-Fall Brawl style.

Jake Hager Chokeslams Wardlow through a trainer’s table and PNP lays waste to FTR. They throw Cash Wheeler into an ice bath and Santana uses a damn broken leg of a chair to stab Dax’s head! Jericho drags MJF into the bathroom and gives his ass a swirly! Jericho tells MJF that the worst is yet to come and then slams his head through an ice cooler. “This is our dressing room, bitch,” Jericho says as he pours some bubbly out on MJF.