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The Undertaker: “In my eyes, yeah, I am officially retired”


The Undertaker: “In my eyes, yeah, I am officially retired”

The Undertaker did an interview with The Wrap to discuss a wide range of topics and to promote his appearance at next Sunday’s WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view event where WWE is touting that he’ll have his “Final Farewell.”

For the last few years, Taker has been on the fence regarding retirement as an in-ring performer. In fact, WWE launched a docuseries about this as he would be okay with the idea of it only to come back and work another match.

It was a back and forth thing as one time out he’d have a good performance while the next he felt like he needed to redeem himself.

During the interview, he was asked what his status is, to which Taker confirmed that he’s retired.

“I’m going with it, but I work for a man by the name of Vince McMahon, whose motto is ‘Never say never.’ And I’ll kind of leave that there. In my eyes, yeah, I am officially retired.”

Taker also talked about Vince McMahon, Survivor Series, his career, and more. Check out the full interview here.