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Security guard involved in headbutt by Rhea Ripley at WWE event


Rhea Ripley found herself in a heated situation on Monday night, but it wasn’t just anyone she clashed with. During this week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Ripley made a bold move after relinquishing her WWE Women’s World Championship. She headbutted a security guard who was trying to hold her back from confronting Liv Morgan, the woman responsible for her having to give up her title.

The security guard who felt the force of Ripley’s headbutt was none other than independent pro wrestler and Crossfit athlete, Steven Mainz. Fans may recognize Mainz from a previous appearance on WWE, where he played the role of a medic during an LWO segment on the August 11, 2023 episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

The incident caught the attention of wrestling enthusiasts on social media, with many sharing the news of Mainz’s involvement in the altercation with Ripley. The Local Competitor Twitter account posted about the incident, highlighting Mainz as the security guard who faced off against Ripley and mentioning his past appearance on SmackDown as a medic.

This unexpected encounter between Ripley and Mainz added an extra layer of excitement to the Monday night showdown, leaving fans eager to see what will happen next between these two in the world of WWE. With Ripley’s fiery spirit and Mainz’s resilience, the possibilities for future confrontations are endless.

As the WWE Universe awaits the next chapter in this unfolding drama, all eyes will be on Ripley and Mainz to see how their paths will cross once again. Whether it’s in the ring or behind the scenes, one thing is for sure – these two are destined for more memorable moments together in the world of professional wrestling. Stay tuned for more updates on this captivating storyline as it continues to unfold on WWE programming.