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Salina de la Renta on how she became executive producer of MLW, how her boyfriend became her bodyguard


Salina de la Renta on how she became executive producer of MLW, how her boyfriend became her bodyguard

MLW’s Salina de la Renta is the guest on the latest episode of Vickie Guerrero’s “Excuse Me” Podcast. Salina talked about being a manager, having a broken leg on her first day in MLW, being the only female on the MLW roster, and more.

Here are some highlights:

Salina told us how she became executive producer of MLW:  “I started writing my own storylines and I wanted to shave my head.  I wrote a bunch of crazy stuff.  I would always be reaching out to Court (Bauer) and be like, hey, I wrote this.  Do you want to check it out?  He would say ok.  Then he wouldn’t say anything.  I started studying his writing style and said let me see if I can match it.  I started writing even more stuff.  He then said, ‘How would you feel about being an executive producer for an episode?’  I was like, yes, this is what I went to school for.  This is what I want to do.  Yes and yes.  It was a cool experience because I got to run the show with him from the show from the truck.  I got to talk to people and tell the referee stuff.  I got to hear the behind the scenes craziness.  I got to see the whole camera action. There is a lot going on.  There is production you have to set up.  I was coming up with ideas and stuff and slowly they kept giving me more work and basically, I ended up doing a lot at MLW.  It’s really great.  I love it.  The way we did it was I’m not the executive producer of every episode.  I have one coming up January 6th.  The other times when it is not my episode, I will help produce.  I will get the papers together and the promos together and help people.”

Salina explained how her real-life boyfriend became her security guard on camera:  “It all started with when I met him, I had a bunch of stuff to do.  I didn’t want to not have my boyfriend around because it sounded super sketchy.  Like, I’m going to go and meet with photographers.  It’s a very different lifestyle.  He was a bartender and I’m a professional wrestler.  It’s a big difference, a completely different world.  I didn’t want him to be like, you know, thinking about what I’m doing.  I was like, you can come with me.  I just didn’t want him to also tag along and become Salina’s boyfriend.  This wasn’t going to work like that.  I was like, how about if I give you a job as my security guard.  I like having a bodyguard anyway.  I will feel protected and you can come with me.  He said, ‘Ok, I can do that.’  He started coming around.  It was my thing, it wasn’t like a MLW thing at all.  Court (Bauer) saw it and he was like, ‘You have a bodyguard now?’  I said yeah, and I’m dating him too.  He said, ‘Ok, I got something you might like.’  He sent me an article and posted him on the MLW page and put:  ‘Salina hires big beefy bodyguard’ or something like that.  He said to bring him to the show.  He said, ‘he’s booked.  He’s looked good.  Tell him to dress nice.’  Now he wants to be a wrestler.  He didn’t know anything about wrestling.  He saw this wrestler chick and said he’s going to give it a shot.”

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