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Pat Patterson wanted WWE to create a trophy for the Royal Rumble and for it to be named the Pat Patterson Cup


Pat Patterson wanted WWE to create a trophy for the Royal Rumble and for it to be named the Pat Patterson Cup

This week on “Sitting Rigside,” David Penzer paid his respects to the late great WWE Hall Of Famer Pat Patterson. Penzer, who does ring announcing for Impact Wrestling, also talked about the ending of last week’s AEW Dynamite and the apparent working relationship between AEW and Impact.

David Penzer said he did not know anything about the AEW/Impact relationship going into the Jon Moxley-Kenny Omega title match. He said,  “I swear to you, I knew nothing. I was surprised as much as anybody that was watching. If not for Sting debuting, I probably would not have watched that (Moxley vs Omega) live. I said, ‘ok, let’s stay and watch.’ It’s the big match between Omega and Moxley that they’ve been building up. I figured it would be a title change because Don Callis was there. Don is as much family to Kenny Omega and vice versa as his parents are and vice versa. That is a shoot. I’m watching and hoping for a good match, figuring Kenny was going to win because Callis was there. All of a sudden, things exploded. I did not know about it and I think that’s cool as hell. I’m interested to see where this is going. I get to enjoy the ride and not know where it’s going. I have no clue where it’s going. Obviously, the possibilities are boundless. I’m strapping on my seatbelt. I think it’s huge for Impact. I think potentially it’s huge for AEW. I have to say kudos to Don and Scott (D’Amore). What a huge opportunity this gives Impact Wrestling. I’m excited for where it’s going. Don’t call me and ask for spoilers because I have no clue, nor do I want to know.”

Penzer welcomed Bertrand Hebert, Patterson’s co-author for the book titled, “Accepted: How The First Gay Superstar Changed WWE” and he shared some interesting tidbits on Patterson’s life and career.

He noted that Pat wanted WWE to create the Pat Patterson cup:  “In the book, Pat tells the story of one of his last ideas he had on the (Royal) Rumble was for them to create the Pat Patterson Cup and give the trophy like the Stanley Cup to the winner. It would hold champagne and have all the winner’s names on it. I think that would be an amazing homage to Pat.”

It will be interesting to see if that idea is implemented next month at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

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