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Kevin Dunn comments on the biggest challenge WWE has faced with ThunderDome


Kevin Dunn comments on the biggest challenge WWE has faced with ThunderDome

Back in August, WWE made the decision to get out of the Performance Center and move into the Amway Center in Orlando.

WWE came up with the idea for the ThunderDome, which is the normal stage and ring set up inside of an arena. However, the big difference is the ability to virtually bring fans into the arena via live video on massive LED boards among other minor things.

Cynopsis Sports has an interview with WWE executive vice president of television production Kevin Dunn that features him talking about the ThunderDome.

During it, he was asked about the lessons that WWE has learned by doing the ThunderDome.

“I think the biggest challenge was just trying to reimagine our weekly flagship programming with a new technology that, we believe, has never been implemented before at this scale. Everything had to be reassessed as we were planning to launch ThunderDome. In testing, traditional camera shots were making the virtual fans look flat. Our entire lighting and production design had to be reimagined from the ground up.

We have a great team that had to reinvent themselves, and their day to day responsibilities, in order to come up with something as innovative as WWE ThunderDome.”

Dunne also talked about the genesis of WWE ThunderDome, partnerships, and moving forward. Check out the full interview here.