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Goldberg returning to WWE for a match against Roman Reigns?


Goldberg returning to WWE for a match against Roman Reigns?

Goldberg made an appearance on today’s episode of WWE’s The Bump and during it, he was asked about a message on Instagram that he sent out back in October.

The WWE Hall of Famer appeared as a virtual fan during the October 16th episode of SmackDown because he had an interest in seeing a Universal Championship match between champion Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman.

Goldberg was originally supposed to defend the Universal Title against Reigns at WrestleMania 36 earlier this year. When Reigns pulled out of the match to go on hiatus, WWE got Strowman to replace him and beat Goldberg for the strap.

Goldberg got fans talking during his appearance on The Bump by knocking Reigns and seemed to do an angle by saying that he would be coming for Reigns. It all started when Kayla Braxton asked whether there is some unfinished business between him and Reigns.

“Oh, I would say that is one of most mild understatements that I have ever heard. He backed out on me at WrestleMania, he stole my move god knows how long ago, he continues to perform at a subpar level.

Let’s be perfectly honest, I’m the dude who delivers the spear and I don’t think he understands what’s like until I deliver one to him. So Roman, it’s coming and I’m coming for you. I may be old, I may be grey, but I’m still Goldberg.”

Goldberg is still under WWE contract as back in August, he confirmed that he has two more years left on his deal that calls for him to work two matches per year.

There’s been no word on when WWE plans to bring him back to TV, but this interview will certainly lead to speculation that the originally planned match at WrestleMania 36 could take place in 2021. You can watch the clip here.