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Former XFL head tells Vince McMahon to put aside $24 million for courtroom defeat


According to a report from OK!USA, XFL commissioner Oliver Luck is convinced that he will win his wrongful termination suit against former boss WWE CEO Vince McMahon.

If Luck wins his case, McMahon would have to pay Luck nearly $24 million.

Documents reviewed by OK!USA, has Luck asking a Connecticut federal judge to order McMahon to immediately put aside $23.8 million to pay his likely award for the suit.

The report indicates that in the filing earlier this week, the former XFL Commissioner said that the evidence is so clear in his favor that McMahon should put the money into escrow while he waits for the court to decide the fate of his case. 

Luck’s legal counsel said the following regarding the case: “The facts clearly demonstrate that Mr. Luck never performed any act or omission that would qualify for termination for cause under the employment contract.”

Back in April of this year, filed suit against Vince McMahon for wrongful termination.  Luck said he received a termination letter on April 9 spelling out the case against him. Luck then denied any wrongdoing. Luck said that he fulfilled his end of the bargain, running the league since its resurrection in January 2018 — only to be “wrongfully terminated.”

April 13, 2020 the XFL officially filed for voluntary Chapter 11 Bankruptcy shortly after the league announced they were ceasing operations permanently.

On August 3, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Dany Garcia announced they, along with RedBird Capital Partners, purchased the football league in August for $15 million.

In a video that was released on October 1, and press release Johnson announced that the XFL will return in the spring of 2022.