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Exclusive: Lio Rush Cast In Upcoming Power Rangers Movie


Exclusive: Lio Rush Cast In Upcoming Power Rangers Movie

Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman welcomed former WWE NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush onto a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast. At the end of the podcast, as Rush was plugging his new music and projects, he revealed that he would play a part in a new Power Rangers inspired movie “Legend of the White Dragon” that will feature members of the original Power Rangers series like Jason David Frank.

“You can download my new single that dropped on Friday, ‘Do You Remember’. It can be downloaded and streamed on Apple Music, on Spotify [and] anywhere that music can be streamed or downloaded,” Rush said. “And be on the lookout for big projects to come in the future as well as the new upcoming film that I’m going to be a part of, ‘Legend of the White Dragon’, which I’m pretty excited about.

“It is actually a Power Rangers movie, so it’s kung fu times 100. They’re still casting. I’m just part of the cast. We haven’t gotten who’s going to be who yet, but I will be in the movie. There’s a chance [I could be a Power Ranger].”

Rush recently revealed that he and his wife are expecting their third child. He gave this thoughts on the news on the podcast.

“Yeah, crazy times, but it’s definitely exciting,” Rush said. “This is something we’ve been talking about for a while, but who knew COVID was going to happen? I’m just excited. My wife is excited, and we’re ready to explore this new journey with each other. So I’m glad.”

On the topic of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rush said he’s been doing well especially since he’s been able to save the money he’s made in WWE. He also noted that there are many opportunities coming his way as of late as well.

“Yeah, I was able to make some good money in my time with WWE, and luckily, I was able to save while all that was going on,” Rush noted. “And coming up on some pretty cool jobs and gigs during the pandemic so yeah, it’s not too bad. It’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be, but I’m glad things started to pick up for me.”

One of those opportunities is an appearance on MLW, which Wrestling Inc. exclusively reported on. MLW’s The Restart will air on Nov. 18, and they have aired weeks worth of content leading Hausman to ask when fans can expect to see Rush on MLW.

“I’m not entirely sure,” Rush admitted. “I don’t know, but hopefully, it is very soon. I’m very hungry and very eager to be back in a ring. I’m very eager to show everybody that I’m still in the fight. I’m still putting in 110% every time I go on a ring, and this is in front of no fans. So whether there’s no fans or whether there are thousands of fans in the seats, I’m putting in my all every single time.”

Lio Rush can be seen as part of MLW’s The Restart starting Wednesday November 18th. For more information please visit Lio’s full interview aired as part of a recent episode of our podcast, The Wrestling Inc. Daily. Subscribe to get the latest episodes as soon as it’s released Monday – Friday afternoon by clicking here.

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