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Eric Bischoff recalls the real-life fight between The Outsiders and The Nasty Boys, memories of Curt Hennig


Eric Bischoff recalls the real-life fight between The Outsiders and The Nasty Boys, memories of Curt Hennig

This on the edition of “83 Weeks,” Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson discussed WCW’s World War 3 1996 pay-per-view.

That show featured The Giant (Big Show) winning a 60-man 3-ring battle royal, Sister Sherri vs. Colonel Robert Parker, Chris Jericho vs. Nick Patrick and much more. Bischoff also shared some stories and he talked about some of the wrestling news stories from that time.

Eric Bischoff shared some memories of the Hennig Family when asked about Curt Hennig: “I liked Curt. Curt was a peer of mine. Curt went to high school with my wife. I wrestled Curt’s younger brother when I wrestled in Minnesota. Curt’s brother’s name was Randy. I was a senior in high school. I think I weighed 154 pounds. We were wrestling Robbinsdale. I found out that I was wrestling Randy Hennig. Unlike Larry or Curt, Randy had a longer, lankier build. I’m wrestling this guy and I wasn’t a very good wrestler. I was average but I always made varsity. Randy was very good. I’m in the third period of the match, Randy is on my back. He has a figure four around my waist. He is squeezing my guts out. I’m in the center of the mat and I’m gassing as he is crushing my ribs. I look up and there is Larry “The Ax” Hennig and he is on the first bench in the bleachers. He is leaning in and just staring a hole through me while his kid is squeezing my guts out. I became very familiar with Curt in the AWA.”

Eric Bischoff talked about the real-life fight between Kevin Nash and Scott Hall with the Nasty Boys: “Here is what happens when you mix volatile personalities, massive egos, pride, along with copious amounts of alcohol and drugs. You get this kind of s**t. That’s all I can say. Everybody was guilty. Anybody that says they’re not are lying to themselves. The Nasty Boys, more Knobbs than Sags because I never saw Sags partake too much.  But the fact that Brian Knobbs is alive to this day is an amazing feat in human physiology or the fact that there really is a God. I don’t know. It’s amazing to me that he is still alive given what he’s put himself through. And Kevin and Scott, I love them both. I’m more tight with Kevin than I am with Scott because I see Kevin more and talk to him more but it is what it is and it was what it was. It was a lot of extracurricular activity that made a bad situation worse.”

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