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Dr. Britt Baker fires back at wrestler who claims he was underpaid and treated unprofessionally by AEW


Dr. Britt Baker fires back at wrestler who claims he was underpaid and treated unprofessionally by AEW

Earlier today, independent wrestler Dylan Bostic made a claim on Twitter about his AEW pay when he was used in 2019 for the early Dynamite shows.

Bostic says he was used for the first AEW Dynamite show and his pay was cut for the subsequent shows he was part of. He also claimed that he was disrespected by backstage producers and treated like he shouldn’t have been there.

Bostic wrote, “In 2019 I was at the first ever AEW Taping in Washington DC. That night I didn’t do anything other than hang out. I was paid $200. I was then at the tapings in Indianapolis and Champagne. In Indianapolis I walked Darby out in a body bag on TV and I also let all of the extras barrow my clothes to walk Darby out so AEW wouldn’t have to go out and buy everyone clothes. In Champaign I had to take a bunch of bumps before the show. I was paid $80 for each night Indianapolis and Champaign. They cut the pay $120 for each night with no warning or communication to me. In Champaign I was disrespected by two of the backstage producers and treated as if I shouldn’t be there. I don’t care about the money I care more about the lack of respect and professionalism. If I wasn’t invited to be there by someone I really respect and love as a person I would have stuck up for myself but I felt like I couldn’t. You can paint me out to be the bad guy but I was the one that remained professional even though my wages were cut 60% and I was treated like s**t. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?”

We don’t know if the claims by Bostic are valid or not but he has been getting heat on Twitter for the timing of his tweet since everyone in AEW is mourning the loss of Brodie Lee. In his tweet, Bostic tagged Jim Cornette, actor Stelio Savante, and Huffington Post columnist John White.

Dr. Britt Baker responded to Bostic’s tweet: “What a sick human to post this (and tag the people you did) today. The wrestling world is mourning the loss of an amazing friend, husband, and father and your bitching about $120?If you were so concerned about professionalism why did you show up in ripped jeans and a tshirt?”

Bostic later deleted his tweet.