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AEW Friday Night Dynamite Results – 5/28/21 (The Double or Nothing go-home show!)


Tag team breaks-up on Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite Results
May 28, 2021

Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

A jam-packed Daily’s Place explodes as Darby Allin and Sting come out. This is the first time Sting has been in front of full crowd in AEW.

Darby Allin w/Sting vs. Cezar Bononi

Allin has his ribs taped. Cezar attacks Allin at the bell and tries to attack his injured ribs. Allin goes for a Fujiwara Armbar but Bononi knees him in the gut and slams him. Bononi Hip Tosses Allin clear across the ring and then picks up him up and tosses him to the other side. Bononi slams Allin into the ring post causing Allin to crash onto the ramp on the outside.

Bononi Press Slams Allin back inot the ring and gets a trio of nearfalls. Bononi goes for a German Suplex but Allin fights him off and flips over his back into a Sleeper. Bononi gets to the ropes but Allin just starts slapping the piss out of him. Bononi shoves Allin into the turnbuckles only for Allin to come right back with a Diamond Dust! Allin climbs up top and hits the Coffin Drop for the pin!

Winner: Allin via pinfall (Coffin Drop)

After the match Allin grabs the microphone and says they aren’t going to wait to get jumped from behind and dares Scorpio and Ethan Page to come out now. Page and Sky walk onto the stage and Sky says they aren’t fighting Sting and Allin for free as the fans chant that they suck. Sky says when they beat them on PPV everyone will see and it will be the end of one legend and the beginning of two more.

The Wingmen attack Sting and Allin and then Sky and Page run out and help them beat Sting and Allin down. They wrap a chair around Sting’s ankle but the Dark Order runs out and the fans absolutely lose their minds as Page and Sky retreat. Sting fist bumps all the members of Dark Order afterward.


Paul Wight comes out and says there will be no shenanigans for the weigh-in tonight. He introduces Anthony Ogogo, who comes out alongside The Factory. QT Marshall berates the fans as they come down to the ring and Wight says the people didn’t pay money to come out and hear Marshall run his mouth.

Cody Rhodes is introduced as the “American Dream” and he comes down with a bunch of his students from the Nightmare Factory and the members of the Nightmare Family. Cody’s sister is also with them. Cody weighs in at 218 pounds and fireworks start going off nearby the stadium. Ogogo is wearing boxers with the British flag on it resulting in an “Austin Powers” chant. Ogogo weighs in at 219 pounds.

QT Marshall brags about Ogogo being bigger than Cody and berates the crowd for chanting for Cody. Dustin Rhodes goes after QT resulting in the Factor bailing to the outside.

A video package highlights the feud between the Inner Circle and The Pinnacle.

Backstage Christian Cage and Will Hobbs are fighting. Hobbs bloodies Christian’s nose but Christian manages to hit Hobbs with something and then Spears him into some boxes as security separates them.

“Hangman” Adam Page vs. “Bad Boy” Joey Janela w/Sonny Kiss

Hangman takes Janela down with a shoulder block and then a side headlock takeover. Janela lights Hangman up with some chops but Page answers with some stiff chops of his own. Janela and Hangman continue to trade chops until Page hits a Running Clothesline followed by a Snap Suplex for two. Page tosses Janela to the floor and then goes for a Slingshot Plancha but Janela moves,

Janela kicks Page and goes for a Plancha of his own only for Hangman to catch him and hit a Fall Away Slam on the floor. Back in the ring, Page gets a nearfall but Janela comes back with a Jawbreaker. Janela slams Page into the turnbuckles.


Janela hits a Forearm Smash but eats a Spinebuster from Page as he comes off the ropes. Janela counters Dead Eye into a rollup for a nearfall but Page gets back to his feet and hits a Cowboy Kick. Janela hits a nasty Snap Suplex sending Page crashing into the turnbuckles. Janela goes to the top and hits the Picture Perfect Elbow for two.

Janela hits a series of elbows but misses a forearm smash and then runs into a Roaring Elbow from Page followed by a Pop-Up Powerbomb. Page’s head is busted open but he hits the Buckshot Lariat for the pin.

Winner: Page via pinfall (Buckshot Lariat)

Taz tells Page that Cage is going to kick the shit out of him at Double or Nothing and Cage walks down to the ring. Page tells Taz to shut the hell up and he knows what they are planning and says he knows the rest of Team Taz is about to come out and jump them. Hook comes out of the crowd as Page says he expects that sort of thing from Taz but he expected more from Cage. He asks Cage if he needs their help to kick his ass and wonders if his balls have “shrunk all the way up by now.” Page tells him to leave “those assholes” in the back at the PPV. Cage says he doesn’t need any help and if he wants him one-on-one he’ll get it.


Moxley and Kingston are shown after burning The Young Bucks’ shoes. Moxley says they are the best team in the world and they aren’t even a real tag team. He says they’re family and talks about who they grew up together and if they needed to take care of someone together they went to war for each other. He says the Bucks are going to have to go to war with them. He says the Tag Titles are a couple of T-Bone steaks and they are a bunch of starving pitbulls.

Kingston says while all the other guys in the back are just sitting by saying nothing while the Elite walk around like they own the place they are sticking up for the underdogs. He says they are going to make them quit as EVPs this Sunday.

Tony Schiavone calls Orange Cassidy out to the ring but PAC comes out and kicks Schiavone out of the ring. PAC says Orange Cassidy is irrelevant to this match and the only person that is relevant is the man that will beat Omega, him. PAC taunts Omega and calls him pathetic for ducking and dodging instead of defending his title like a man.

PAC dares Omega to come out and face him face-to-face so they can show everyone what will happen this Sunday. Don Callis appears on the big screen and says that he and Omega want nothing to do with PAC because he is a soulless sociopath. Omega attempts to attack PAC from behind but eats a boot to the gut and then one to the face.

The Good Brothers attack PAC but The Lucha Brothers hit the ring and chases them to the back. Omega grabs PAC and is about to hit the One Winged Angel when Orange Cassidy walks out and pisses Omega off. Cassidy pulls out an envelope that has “for Kenny Omega” on it. He opens it and it has the shredded up agreement that Callis and Omega gave him last week. OC hits the Orange Punch on Omega!

Cassidy goes to pick up the title but PAC steps on it and then kicks OC and goes for a Powerbomb but OC blocks it and hits the Orange Punch! OC closes the segment by raising the title belt.


Earlier today Schiavone interviewed Jade Cargill when Matt Hardy approached her and said that Sunday will be the biggest day in the history of the HFO. He wants her to be a part of it but Mark Sterling walks up and says that she has already agreed to become her client. He says he is going to slap Hardy with a restraining order if he continues bothering her.

Jade Cargill w/Mark Sterling vs. KiLynn King

They go for a Test of Strength to open things up and Jade forces King down but King bridges back up only to eat a boot to the gut. Jade hits a clothesline and then she picks King up and does curls with her body before dropping her.


Cargill tosses King to the floor where Sterling hands her his card. Jade levels King with a forearm as she tried to get in the ring and then slams her into the apron. In the ring, Jade hits Jaded for the pin.

Winner: Jade via pinfall (Jaded)

Backstage, Archer says he doesn’t want Dante Martin, he wants Miro because he has done nothing but piss him off.

TNT Championship
“The Best Man” Miro (c) vs. Dante Martin

Miro lays Dante out from the get go and starts tossing him all over the place and kicking him. Martin manages to get in a little offense with a Jawbreaker but eats a Judo Toss. Miro goes for a Splash but Martin moves out of the way and then he avoids a Running Knee. Martin hits a Leaping Enziguri followed by a Double Spring Moonsault for one.

Miro gets back up and tosses Martin over the top but flips over and lands on his feet on the ramp. Martin hits a Springboard Shotgun Dropkick for another one count. Miro kills Martin with a NASTY Forearm Smash and then a Brainbuster. Miro hits a Pump Thrust Kick and then locks in the Accolade for the submission.

Winner & STILL TNT Champ: Miro via submission (Accolade)

Jake Roberts and Archer comes out and Roberts says Miro’s fairytale comes to an end. Roberts tells Miro to shut the f*ck up and they have had enough of him. Miro tells the “old fart” to shut up and Miro taunts Archer by telling him to stop letting the old man hold him back. Roberts tells Archer to sick him and Archer attacks! Archer levels Miro with a Big Boot and then knocks Miro off the apron as a bunch of referee’s try to hold them back.


Tony Schiavone brings Hikaru Shida out to the ring as they honor her marking her being the Women’s Champion for more than a year. Schiavone presents Shida with the new Women’s Championship belt, which thankfully is much better and has a gold centerpiece.

Shida says when she won the title there were no fans to enjoy it with her but now they are back. Shida says she is so proud to share this moment with the fans because it’s for them. Britt Baker interrupts her and says that she comes in peace.

Baker says that no one can take the year that Shida had and Baker said something awhile back she wants to take back. She says that she said that she was the face of women’s division but when she wins the title then she will be the face of a new era. She said that the era before her was all about 3:16, this era will be all about DMD.


Main Event
Scorpio Sky & “All Ego” Ethan Page vs. The Dark Order (Stu Grayson & Evil Uno)

Our satellite went out as Uno and Sky were locking up – bad weather here – and comes back as Grayson hits a Double Pele on Sky and Page. Uno gets the hot tag and hits a series of clotheslines followed by a Rana on Page. Uno bites Sky and connects with a Flatliner. Uno hits a Hanging Neckbreaker on Page and tags Grayson.

Grayson hits a Leaping Knee and then Uno kicks Page into a Belly-to-Belly Suplex on top of Sky. Grayson hits a 450 on Page as Uno hits a Cannonball on Sky at the same time. Grayson gets a nearfall and tags Uno back into the match. Uno picks Page up for the Fatality but Sky rakes his eyes and locks Grayson in a Heel Hook. Page hits the Ego’s Edge on Uno for the pin!

Winners: Sky and Page via pinfall (Ego’s Edge)

Page says what just happened to Dark Order will happen again this Sunday but then Sting’s music interrupts him and Allin walks out of the tunnel with an army of Sting’s behind him. Sky tosses around a bunch of the Stings but then one doesn’t budge and he takes his Sting mask off to reveal the real Sting. Allin and Page retreat through the crowd.


Eric Bischoff comes out to host a celebration of the Inner Circle and we get to hear a live crowd legit sing their theme song for the first time in a year. Jericho thanks Bischoff for everything he’s done for him in his career and then Bischoff plays a video package highlighting the history of the Inner Circle.

“Wow, we’ve done some pretty cool shit boys,” Santana says. Santana says that they put AEW on their backs and carried it through a pandemic and then gets hyped as hell as he talks about the fans being back. He says if this is the last time they’re together then he wouldn’t it have it any other way than with his brothers in front of all the AEW fans.

Hager says that he believes it’s about the journey not the destination and says the hard times they’ve gone through have made hard men. Guevara says when he came into AEW he was wearing a Panda head and now he is in the greatest faction in all of wrestling. He says when he quit the group and he didn’t have them backing him he didn’t like it at all and he will do everything in his power to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Jericho says he wasn’t hesitant about putting a faction together of his own but then he met these guys it just felt right. He says they didn’t give a damn about anyone or anything other than their group and that hasn’t changed. He says Stadium Stampede will be a war and if they go down they will go down in a blaze of glory. Jericho tells the other guys he loves them and they hug.

MJF appears on the screen with Wardlow and they have Dean Malenko tied to a goal post in the Jaguars’ stadium. The Inner Circle takes off towards the stadium but The Pinnacle blindside them. FTR Double Piledrives Santana and Ortiz through a pair of tables!