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Aalyah Mysterio continues to get high praise backstage in WWE


Aalyah Mysterio continues to get high praise backstage in WWE

Aalyah Mysterio continues to get high praise behind the scenes at WWE.

Last month, reported that Vince McMahon is a fan of her and she was expected to be included in multiple segments on shows going forward.

“Don’t be surprised if Vince offers her a full-time contract. He sees star potential in her,” a WWE source told us last month. “You will see her in multiple segments on some shows going forward.”

That same source noted last month that she has been great to work with and she’s been eager to learn so she can improve on her acting skills.

We were told that the feeling on Aalyah is that she is already showing signs of improvement in her acting work and she is ahead of many people who came before her who the same amount of experience on TV.

“Think about this,” said a WWE source. “She hasn’t trained at the PC and she has no prior acting experience. We knew Dominik had the potential to be great but I think Vince got caught by surprise because he was not expecting to see potential out of both of Rey’s kids.”

At last word, the 19-year-old is not under a full-time contract but the feeling among some in the company is she will stick around after her current storyline with Murphy.

This past Friday on SmackDown, Aalyah got upset with Murphy because it seemed like he may have been helping Seth Rollins but Murphy assured her that he has a plan. The way things are being portrayed on TV is that Rollins may be manipulating everyone but Murphy may be manipulating Rollins.