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Zelina Vega goes live on Twitch after WWE release, she is not done with pro wrestling


Zelina Vega goes live on Twitch after WWE release, she is not done with pro wrestling

Zelina Vega went live on Twitch, just a few hours after news broke about her release from WWE.

Vega said she’s not angry and she’s just thankful. She noted that she was in the process of building a house and she indicated that Twitch helps her with her mental health.

She said, “my first love is wrestling and I’m not giving that up.” She also encouraged her fans to not be afraid to stand up for themselves. She did not rip into WWE and it wouldn’t be smart to do so, especially since she is under a 90-day non-compete.

She added, “I’m sad and I’m completely heartbroken. Obviously, this isn’t the last that you are gonna see of me…I love you all though and I’m really really thankful to every single one of you. If I go down as someone who stood up for themselves, so be it. I’m still thankful, I’m not angry. I’m just heartbroken because doing this, being a wrestler is all I ever wanted to do. I don’t really know what to say, there’s so many things I want to say but I don’t know how.”

She also thanked everyone behind-the-scenes at WWE who she got to work with.

As noted earlier, WWE announced that Vega was released just a few minutes after she tweeted, “I support unionization.” Vega took issue with WWE trying to take control of wrestler Twitch accounts.

WWE posted a job offer for GFX Motion Designer on Twitch so it looks like they are planning on launching their own channel on the streaming service soon. That would likely be the reason why they sent out the edict banning talent from maintaining their own account.

You can check out Vega’s Twitch stream by clicking here.