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WWE TLC results: The Miz cashes in MITB briefcase, Drew McIntyre retains title


WWE TLC results: The Miz cashes in MITB briefcase, Drew McIntyre retains title

This year’s WWE TLC pay-per-view kicked off with the WWE Championship match between AJ Styles and Drew McIntyre. They competed in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. Heading into this match, it was strongly implied that Styles would be leaning on help from Omos, The Miz, and John Morrison so the odds were stacked against McIntyre.

Match details written in real-time:

Styles rushed in on McIntyre to get in some early offense with punches and kicks but McIntyre picked him up and slammed him before tossing him across the ring. The fight spilled to the outside of the ring and McIntyre was the first to set up a table to use as a weapon but Styles blocked an attempt from McIntyre to put him through the table.

McIntyre was the first to climb the ladder to grab the title but Styles hit him with a chair to the left leg. Styles tried to climb the ladder but McIntyre pulled him off and then slingshotted him into the corner of the ring where a steel chair was positioned. Styles eventually took over on offense and he tried a Styles Clash onto a ladder but McIntyre countered into the Future Shock DDT. McIntyre picked up a ladder and dropped it on Styles. It looked like Styles was supposed to move but the ladder clipped him. Styles took over on offense and he locked the Calf Crusher with McIntyre’s leg wrapped around the ladder. Styles then hit McIntyre with chair shots to the back and the left leg. He also locked in another Calf Crusher with McIntyre’s leg around the chair. Styles continued to work on the leg.

Moments later, Styles tried to hit a move off the top rope onto McIntyre on a table but McIntyre launched a chair into Styles’ face to knock him back into the ring. McIntyre then tossed a table into the ring as he continued to favor his left leg but McIntyre took a drop toe hold and his face banged into a ladder that was positioned in the corner of the ring. Styles tried a move off a table but McIntyre caught him and threw him back first into steps but moments later Styles was finally able to hit the Phenomenal Forearm as Omos slid a latter into the ring for Styles to climb.

Styles went to climb the ladder but McIntyre picked him up and press slammed him onto a table at ringside. McIntyre climbed the ladder but The Miz ran down and he put McIntyre through a table. Miz cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase, which means that the match would be a Triple Threat Match. The Miz climbed up the ladder but Omos got into the ring to stop Miz and he dumped him through a table at ringside. Morrison hit Omos with a chair to the back but Omos no-sold it. Omos stalked Morrison to the backstage area so he was no longer available at ringside for Styles.

McIntyre and Styles both climbed the ladder at the same time while Miz got back into the ring to set up a second ladder. McIntyre knocked Styles and Miz off the ladder  but Styles then jumped back on the ladder to knock off McIntyre. Miz jumped back in and he battled Styles on a ladder but McIntyre got up and he knocked both men off the ladder, Styles crashed on the floor and Miz took a Claymore to the face. McIntyre climbed up the ladder again and he grabbed the title.

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