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WWE TLC results: Sasha Banks retains SmackDown Women’s Title


WWE TLC results: Sasha Banks retains SmackDown Women’s Title

In the second match on the main card of WWE TLC, Sasha Banka put her SmackDown Women’s Championship on the line against Carmella.

Match details written in real-time:

Early in the match, Carmella was knocked out of the ring but her Somali Reginald at ringside caught her. Banks got some offense in until taking a back bump when Carmella pulled her down by the hair onto the ring apron but that did not last long because Banks managed to hit Carmella with the Three Amigos suplexes that are a tribute to Eddie Guerrero. Banks then hit a frog splash but Carmella kicked out of the pin attempt.

Carmella countered a tilt a whirl into a facebuster in the middle of the ring but she wasn’t able to finish her off, despite three consecutive pin attempts. Moments later, Carmella hit a hurricanrana off the top but Banks rolled through into a pin attempt. There were several pin attempts and reversals after this. Carmella locked in the Code of Silence but Banks slid out and then Carmella locked in an arm submission but Banks broke free into a pin attempt. Banks locked in the Banks statement but Reginald pulled Carmella out of the ring. Reginald took a Meteora from Banks and Mella got up and hit a kick to the face. Mella tried for the pin but Banks kicked out. Carmella tried another facebuster but Banks countered into the Banks statement and she forced Carmella to tap out.

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