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WWE Superstar Curt Stallion announces injury, will require surgery


WWE Superstar Curt Stallion announced on his Facebook page Friday that he fractured his left wrist while training last week. Stallion said that he found out on Thursday that he will being undergoing surgery this coming Wednesday to put in plates and screws.

Stallion has recently appeared on WWE NXT.  However, most of his appearances have been on 205 Live.

Stallion wrote the following on his Facebook page:

“I’ve never had a “comeback” before because I never left.

Against the better judgement of those much wiser than myself, I’ve yet to miss a booking in my entire career because of an injury. That is until now.

Last week whilst training, I fractured virtually every bone in my left wrist. With that said, I found out yesterday I will be having my first ever surgery to put in plates and screws this following Wednesday.

I wasn’t going to say anything about this, but the information belongs to y’all just as much as it does to me. Thanks for the continued support. The best is yet to come, I promise.”