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WWE Superstar Carmella reveals she tested positive for COVID-19 –


WWE Superstar Carmella revealed that she recently tested positive for COVID-19

WWE Superstar Carmella revealed on her and fiancé Corey Graves’ most recent episode of Bare With Us podcast she tested positive for COVID-19.

Carmella said that despite living with Graves, he never contracted COVID-19 and was bragged about his immune system. Both of did say they have been vaccinated.

Carmella said the following:

“You guys, I got the ‘VID. I did. I got it. It got me. I got COVID. I got got,” she said. “About, what, a week and a half ago? Two weeks ago? I woke up super, just not feeling well. Really tired, run down. I took some tests, and I tested positive…and it was like a cold, like a little bit worse than a cold…I was down and out for, like, three, four days, just not doing much. But, on the up-and-up. Feeling better now.”

Carmella returned to WWE Raw this past Monday after not appearing on the January 10 episode.