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WWE star Elias getting a character makover?


WWE star Elias getting a character makover?

WWE Raw star Elias took to Twitter today to give fans an update on his condition after he was “electrocuted” during his Raw match with Jeff Hardy. The match was meant to be the end of his feud with Hardy.

Elias started out by thanking the fans who sent him love and “screw you” to the haters.

Elias claimed that doctors told him that the voltage would have killed an average man but since he is no average man, he has regained full function in his hands. He also said that something changed inside him and now he knows the purpose of his life and he plans to share that gift with everyone.

For what it’s worth, we heard a couple of months ago about an idea pitched for Elias to turn into a preacher-type of character where he talks about being “saved” and having a new lease on life.