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WWE star asked to be removed from Retribution stable


WWE star asked to be removed from Retribution stable

For months, WWE has been investing time into Retribution as a stable that is frustrated by the system that has held them back.

They eventually settled on a core group of wrestlers to appear on TV on most weeks but one of their core members, Mercedez Martinez, quietly disappeared from the group without explanation.

Fightful reports that Martinez is no longer part of the stable because she did not want to be part of the group. Martinez reportedly “extended her desire” to no longer be part of the angle and she was removed from the group before they all signed new contracts.

There were other names tossed around to replace her but they ultimately decided not to replace her and the only female in the group as of now is Reckoning (Mia Yim).

WWE has not mentioned Martinez in weeks. It’s not clear if they will keep her on the main roster or move her back to NXT. While some may say that she was smart to pull herself out of the Retribution storyline because of the way they have been booked, it’s not guaranteed that Martinez will get pushed again and it’s interesting that they have yet to find something else for her to do since she disappeared from WWE TV in September.

h/t Ringside News