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WWE SmackDown stars will be given Christmas Day off


WWE SmackDown stars will be given Christmas Day off

WWE will once again be giving its crew time off during the Christmas holiday.

For years, WWE didn’t make their wrestlers and staff work on Christmas Eve and Day.  The company taped those shows in advance. However, in 2017 that changed as Monday Night Raw episodes on Christmas night and New Year’s night were live for the first time ever.

The December 25th episode of SmackDown won’t air live, according to Inside The Ropes. Per the report, WWE is not planning a live show on Christmas Day, but what isn’t confirmed yet is the taping date.

The belief is WWE will tape the show on the same day as the December 18th edition or over that same weekend. There’s also no word yet on the January 1st episode of SmackDown regarding whether it will be a live or taped show.

What will be interesting is the differences in spoilers getting out from the taping. Previously, fans would send out spoilers through written reports or post things on social media.

With WWE allowing fans to virtually watch the show through its ThunderDome set up, it will allow fans to screenshot things. It’s possible that WWE will use pre-recorded fan footage for the show to prevent spoilers.

Despite popular belief, WWE taping shows in advance and spoilers getting out don’t impact the ratings. Fans will watch if they’re interested.

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