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WWE SmackDown Results – 5/21/21 (Intercontinental Championship match, Backlash fall-out)


WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results
May 21, 2021
Tampa, Florida (Yuengling Center)
Commentary: Michael Cole and Pat McAfee
Results by: Roy Nemer of

The show kicks off with all the WWE SmackDown Champions on stage, except for Roman Reigns.

Sonya is in the ring and she mentions how as of July, WWE will be leaving the ThunderDome and back doing live events. She welcomes the SmackDown Parade of Champions which are the Tag Team Champions, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, the SmackDown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair and the WWE Intercontinental Champion Apollo Crews.

Azeez gives a microphone to Crews. He tells Sonya tonight he will not be defending his title. Tonight, in a match where the odds are stacked against him, he will be retaining his title. He will unleash total destruction on Big E, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

Sonya welcomes the Tribal Chief, the head of the table, the Universal Champion Roman Reigns to the ring. Out comes Paul Heyman to Roman’s old theme music. He says how nice, a parade of champions except it’s not a parade of champions, it’s a parade of title holders.

Heyman says Roman Reigns is not a title holder, Roman Reigns is a Champion. Not just a champion, the champion. Not just the champion, Roman is the preeminent champion, not just of SmackDown but all of WWE. All of sports entertainment. Which is why when someone buys a ticket to these live events, they will do so with the confidence in WWE that they are represented by a preeminent champion, like the tribal chief, Roman Reigns.

Paul says Roman will not be one of many of her parade but there will be a parade of champion later tonight at Roman’s leisure. Heyman thanks them and leaves.

Sonya says that was the first surprise of the night and probably not the last. Out comes Bayley as she jumps the barricade and gets in the ring. She says she hasn’t even been acknowledged. She held that title for 380 days during the ThunderDome era. She was even a double champion. Bayley says they should be thanking her for putting the company on her back, especially Dominik. She tells Rey he overstayed his welcome. Natalya and Tamina won the titles and cried about them. Apollo and Azeez, she says what’s up.

Bayley calls Bianca the biggest cheater. She uses her ponytail as a weapon. She says Bianca is not a champion, she is a criminal. She tells Sonya that Bianca should be stripped of her title and she should be given the title. Bianca walks down to the ring. Both women are in the ring and Bayley says it’s not time, she will get it when she feels like it. Nia and Shayna attack Bianca from behind. Natalya and Tamina run down to the ring but Nia, Bayley and Shayna are in control.

-Commercial Break-

Six woman tag match – Bayley, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler vs. Tamina, Natalya and Bianca Belair

We come back from commercial and the match is already under way. Nia with an elbow on Tamina. She goes for the cover but Nia kicks out. Nia throws Tamina in the corner and Shayna is tagged in. Right hands by Shayna followed by a snap mare. She goes for the cover but Tamina kicks out. Bayley is tagged in and she stomps on Tamina in the corner. Elbows by Bayley, she goes for a suplex but Tamina reverses it into a suplex of her own.

Natalya is tagged in. A suplex by Natalya followed by another. She goes for a bodyslam but Bayley lands on her feet and slams Natalya. Shayna is tagged in and she works on Natalya’s arm as Nia is tagged in. Nia with a bodyslam. She goes for a cover but Natalya kicks out. Natalya kicks Nia away and Bianca is tagged in. Shayna is tagged back in.

Bianca with a spine buster. She climbs the top rope but Bayley and Nia grab Shayna to the outside. Bianca with a cross body off the top rope onto all three women on the outside. Bianca holds her knee in pain.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Bayley attacking Bianca’s left leg and knocks Natalya off the ring apron. Bayley goes for an elbow but Bianca moves out of the way. Tamina is tagged in. She throws Bayley into the turnbuckle. Tamina knocks Shayna and Nia off the ring apron. A power slam onto Bayley. Natalya is tagged in. A dropkick by Natalya followed by a German suplex. Tamina is back in. They double team Bayley. Tamina goes for the cover but Bayley gets her hand on the rope.

Natalya is tagged back in. She goes for a clothesline, Bayley ducks, Shayna is tagged in and a kick to the face by Shayna onto Natalya. She goes for the cover but Tamina breaks it up. Natalya goes for the sharpshooter but Shayna kicks her away. In comes Bayley but Natalya knocks her down. Nia attacks Natalya as all six women brawl in the ring. Bayley with a Bayley to Belly on Bianca on the outside. Shayna gets the Kirifuda Clutch on Natalya as Natalya taps out.

Winners: Bayley, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

Kayla is backstage with Big E. She asks him about tonight’s match. Big E tells her that tonight he stands in the ring with dogs, future hall of famers and former World Champions. And he can smile because this is the iron to sharpen his iron. This is the very best to prove that he is among the very best. And when he walks out of the arena, he will leave no doubt that he is the rightful Intercontinental Champion.

-Commercial Break-

A video airs of an Aleister Black promo. Another dark promo from him.

King Corbin makes his way down to the ring. He says he was going to come out and not say anything but seeing Nakamura with his crown is the most disrespectful thing he has ever seen. Nakamura may call himself the king of strong style but he is no king. Everyone sitting at home won’t know what it’s like. But a real king wears $40,000 watches, a real kink owns a Ferrari and owns a dog of war. Not a cat. A real king respects a crown. He says he will punish Nakamura and he will take back his crown. He will have it cleaned and polished and put it back where it belongs, on the head of the one true king of WWE. He calls out Nakamura to the ring.

A man with a guitar plays on stage and it’s NXT talent Eric Bugenhagen. He tells Corbin he is Ric Boogs and he came to rock with the real king of SmackDown, Shinsuke Nakamura. He plays Nakamura’s theme on guitar as Nakamura comes out wearing the crown.

-Commercial Break-

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. King Corbin

Back from commercial and the match is already under way. A clothesline by Corbin and Nakamura on the ring apron. Corbin gets on the ring apron and clotheslines Nakamura back in the ring. A right hand by Corbin and a powerbomb. He goes for the cover but Nakamura kicks out. Right hand by Corbin in the corner as he gets a submission on Nakamura but Shinsuke with right hands. He runs to the ropes but a back elbow by Corbin. He goes for the cover but Nakamura kicks out.

Corbin goes for a power slam but Nakamura lands on his feet and he lands a back stabber. Nakamura with a knee to the face. He goes for the cover but Corbin kicks out. Nakamura goes for the Kinshasa, Corbin moves out of the way and a German suplex on Nakamura. He goes for the cover but Nakamura kicks out.  Corbin goes for a chokeslam but Nakamura with a knee to the face. He runs to the ropes but Deep Six by Corbin. He goes for the cover but Nakamura kicks out.

Boogs plays Nakamura’s theme on the outside which distracts Corbin. Nakamura with the small package as he gets the pin.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Sonya is backstage and in comes Jimmy Uso. He tells her he and his brother are ready to be a tag team again. He tells her they want the smoke, the Street Profits. Sonya says a match like that needs to be advertised and next week it will be The Usos vs. The Street Profits. Jimmy is happy with that as he leaves.

Roman’s music hits and out he comes with his new theme. Out he comes with Heyman and Jey Uso.

-Commercial Break-

Owens is backstage and he says in his first two years in WWE, they called him the prize fighter. Because he kept winning Championships and he will go back to doing just that.

All three men are still in the ring. We see clips from Sunday’s Universal Championship match between Roman and Cesaro.

Roman says he believes himself to be a humble man. And he teaches his sons about humility. And to be honest, he doesn’t like to brag on live television so he will take this opportunity to allow his special council to celebrate him.

Paul grabs a microphone and begins to talk. He says this is a unique surprise. He has a moment to acknlowedge the tribal chief, undefeated since his return to WWE, scared the Fiend over to Raw, huminized the monster Braun Strowman, baptized his own cousin back into the championship bloodline, KO’d Kevin Owens, scored the most most convincing pin fall in the history of WrestleMania main events when he stacked Edge and Daniel Bryan on top of each other and pinned them both as if it wasn’t a triple threat match but a handicap match vs. the end all to be all.

Roman made sure we will never see Edge again and banished Bryan from SmackDown. And the backlash against the strongest, most talented grappler on the SmackDown roster, Cesaro. Where the champion Roman Reigns beat Cesaro on his own, with no one’s help at Cesaro’s own game. It is a career highlight for him to not only celebrate but acknowledge the preeminent champion in all of WWE and sports entertainment, Roman Reigns.

Heyman says his wish is his command. Roman asks him to bring him his cousin. Paul Heyman tells the time keeper to play Jimmy’s music. Out comes Cesaro with his arm in a sling. Roman says to cut his music. Cesaro says he was int he back looking for Seth but what he could hear was this annoying yapping in his ear and he realized it was Roman. He tells Roman he would fight him with no arm and he challenges Roman to another match at Hell in a Cell.

Seth attacks Cesaro from behind. He throws Cesaro into the steel steps and attacks his arm as WWE officials break it up. Seth walks to the back, runs back down and attacks Cesaro again.

-Commercial Break-

Seth is backstage and Meagan asks him why he did what he did. Seth says he blacked out as WWE officials have Cesaro on a stretcher. Seth tells him it’s Cesaro’s fault.

Out come Rey and Dominik to the ring. Out come Ziggler and Roode as Roode tells Dominik not to let the win get to his head. His dad did all the work. Roode says tonight this bring your son to work day is over. And he will prove that Dominik doesn’t belong here.

Dominik Mysterio vs. Robert Roode

The bell rings and we are under way. Roode gets Dominik in the corner. A suplex. Another suplex. Roode goes for a hird suplex but Dominik reverses it into a small package but Roode kicks out. Roode slams Dominik into the corner. He places Dominik on the top rope. Right hands by Roode but Dominik pushes him down. A cross body by Dominik. He goes for the cover but Roode kicks out.

Dominik goes for a tornado DDT but Roode throws him away. Roode lifts Dominik up but Dominik throws him onto the second rope. He goes for the 619 but Ziggler gets on the ring apron. Rey throws Ziggler into the steel steps. Roode goes for the cover but Dominik kicks out. Roode goes for a spear in the corner but Dominik moves out of the way. Dominik with the 619. He climbs the top rope and lands a frog splash. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio

Jey is walking backstage and he runs into Jimmy. He tells Jey that next week they will tag team against the Street Profits. Jey isn’t happy about it. Jimmy tells Jey that he won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal without Roman, they won the Tag titles without Roman. Jey tells him he still has to tell Roman about the tag match, he owes him that.

-Commercial Break-

Roman is backstage and in comes Jey Uso. He tells Roman that the tag match has been made and tells Roman that “we” have the tag match. Roman tells him what we, Jimmy is being selfish. We is Jimmy and Roman. Everything that they do represents their family and each other. Roman hugs him.

The Street Profits are backstage. They mock Jimmy and Jey and tell them they want the smoke.

Sami Zayn is backstage and in comes Kayla. She calls him the former champion. He tells her he knows what she is doing, she is trying to bring negative thoughts to him by calling him a former champion. He says he will reclaim his Intercontinental Champion tonight and the Champion of the people.

Intercontinental Championshp Match – Apollo Crews (c) with Commander Azeez vs. Big E vs. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

The bell rings and we are under way. Owens with a clothesline on Sami in the corner. Big E attacks Apollo as Sami and Owens fight on the outside of the ring. A back elbow by Big E takes Crews down. In comes Owens who hits him with an atomic drop. Sami attacks Owens from behind. Big E throws Sami onto the ring apron. Big E knocks Apollo down and places him next to Sami on the ring apron. Big E on the ring apron as he lands the big splash. Owens jumps over the top rope onto Big E.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, a drop kick by Crews onto Big E in the ring. Big E rolls to the outside as Crews throws him into the steel steps. Crews slams Owens into the steel steps. Crews on the ring apron and a standing moon sault onto Big E on the outside. Sami attacks Crews but Crews slams him into the barricade. He throws Smai onto the barricade but Sami jumps off the barricade and onto Sami. Kevin with a clothesline on Sami.

Kevin throws Sami into the ring and lands a senton. He goes for the cover but Big E breaks it up. Big E with a clothesline onto Owens. In comes Crews who lands a German onto Big E followed by a second and a third. He goes for the cover but Owens breaks it up. Sami with the exploder on Owens in the corner. Samii goes for the Helluva kick, Owens moves out of the way, he goes for the stunner, Sami reverses it into the cover but Owens kicks out. The Michinoku driver by Sami onto Owens. He goes for the cover but Owens kicks out.

Sami with right hands and he places Owens on the top rope. Sami goes for the suplex but Owens reverses it into a fisherman’s brainbuster. He goes for the cover but Apollo and Big E break it up. Apollo on the ring apron and as is Owens. Apollo drops Owens on the ring apron. Big E with a spear takes Crews down to the outside.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Apollo goes for the cover on Big E but Big E kicks out. He throws Big E to the ropes but Big E with a belly to belly. And a belly to belly on Sami. Another belly to belly on Apollo. Big E runs to the ropes but Sami with a boot to the face takes Big E down. Owens with a knee to the back of Sami’s neck. He goes for the cover but Sami kicks out.

Owens climbs the top rope but Crews trips him up. A jaw breaker by Sami onto Crews. Sami goes for the big boot on Apollo but Apollo blocks it. Big E with a German taking out both Sami and Apollo. Kevin with a frog splash on Big E. He goes for the cover but Big E kicks out. Owens with a cannonball on Sami. He hits Big E with a German suplex. A cannonball onto Apollo. Sami with the Blue Thunderbomb on Kevin. He goes for the cover but Owens kicks out. Sami climbs the top rope but Apollo gets on the ring apron. Sami knocks him down. Sami jumps, Kevin ducks, Big E grabs Sami, Owens with a super kick on Big E and one on Sami. A pop up powerbomb on Apollo. He goes for the cover but Crews kicks out.

Sami grabs Owens to the outside and throws him into the barricade. He runs towards Owens but Owens throws him over the barricade. Owens on the ring apron but Sami with a back suplex onto Owens. Sami gets in the ring but Big E slams him. Big E hits Crews with the Big Ending. He goes for the cover but Azeez pulls Big E to the outside. He lifts Big E up but Big E pushes him into the ring post. Big E back in the ring as part of the lights go off.

Blue and white smoke fill the screen. Out comes Aleister Black. He gets in the ring as Big E grabs Big E and Black hits him with the Black Mass. Crews goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Still WWE Intercontinental Champion, Apollo Crews

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