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WWE Rumor Roundup – Batista no longer dating RAW Superstar, 2-Time Tag Champion returning after 9 years? RETRIBUTION member asks to be removed


WWE Rumor Roundup – Batista no longer dating RAW Superstar, 2-Time Tag Champion returning after 9 years? RETRIBUTION member asks to be removed

Another day has passed us by in the bustling world of pro wrestling, and as always, we’re ready for another stacked edition of the WWE Rumor Roundup.

The lineup for today has some big stories. We begin with a long-running rumor of Batista’s relationship with a RAW Superstar. The rumor has now been confirmed. The Superstar also opened up on why things didn’t work out with Batista.

A big report about WWE being interested in getting back a two-time Tag Team Champion has started doing the rounds. It’s interesting to note that the former WWE Superstar is the son of a legend, and he was released in 2011.

WWE reportedly doesn’t have any plans of pushing a Superstar who recently broke away from a tag team.

An underutilized Superstar has also garnered a lot of backstage support, and there are voices behind the scenes that want the company to push him. The fans would like this one.

And finally, we end the WWE Rumor Roundup with an update about a RETRIBUTION member putting in an official request to be removed from the faction.

Without any further delay, let’s take a look at all the stories in detail:

#5. WWE RAW Superstar Dana Brooke opens up on dating Batista

Dana Brooke and Batista were in the news at the end of 2019 for their social media interaction. The Superstars openly flirted with each other, and it didn’t take time for the speculation to go around about them being a couple. In fact, it turns out that Batista and Dana Brooke did date each other for a brief period,

During a recent interview with Forbes, Dana Brooke opened up about dating Batista. Brooke also revealed her current relationship status.

Dana Brooke said that she and Batista are great friends, and their relationship didn’t work out due to their hectic work schedules. Here’s what Brooke had to say:

“We went out; we were great, great, great friends, we’ve been to the Meat Market down in Tampa, we go to [Edison], also in Tampa, so we kept in great contact. There’s always been interest between Dave and I as far as friendships and everything. We share a lot in common as far as being in the business and outside, and being very passionate about giving back and charity work as well. It’s just with my schedule being so so busy, and Dave doing a lot of movies, our times are very limited. But we still communicate, we still talk on a regular basis, my boyfriend now [Uly Diaz] and him also have a lot in common as far as the fight game goes.”

Dana Brooke has formed a tag team with Mandy Rose on WWE RAW, and she seems to be a great place, both in terms of her personal life and career.

Published 08 Nov 2020, 06:30 IST