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WWE reportedly signs former EVOLVE star Clint Barrow (aka Harlem Bravado)


According to PWInsider, WWE has signed former EVOLVE star Clint Barrow (aka Harlem Bravado) for the NXT brand.

Clint Barrow, under the in-ring name of Harlem Bravado wrestled with his real-life brother Houston Bravado in a tag team called The Bravado Brothers.  The team made appearances in Ring of Honor, Chikara, and Full Impact Pro, Pro Wrestling Noah, and IMPACT Wrestling.

Houston Barrow retired in 2016 and became involved in politics in 2018.

Prior to wrestling in EVOLVE, Barrow wrestled for Premiere Wrestling Xperience based out of Charlotte, NC, also  most notably for EVOLVE before they shut down last year.  He captured the PWX Sixteen Tournament in January 2020.