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WWE reportedly files lawsuit against US Citizenship and Immigration Services


According to a report by PWInsider, on January 26, 2021, WWE filed a lawsuit against the US Citizenship and Immigration Services in the United States District Court of Connecticut.

The report states the nature of the lawsuit is currently sealed to the public.  It is possibly believed the lawsuit was filed by WWE due to not being able to either get a  talent or an employee into the United States, which was a process that was a huge issue under the Trump Administration due to policy changes.  

Martine G. Cuomo, an immigration attorney, filed documents on behalf of WWE for the lawsuit.

It was noted in the report from PWInsider that court records indicate Immigration has not yet been served with the lawsuit and that they have 60 days to respond. In addition, court records also indicated that amended pleadings will need to be filed by March 27, 2021 with discovery completed by July 8, 2021.