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WWE Reportedly Abandons Brock Lesnar Trademark


WWE Reportedly Abandons Brock Lesnar Trademark

WWE has abandoned its efforts to secure the trademark for the name Brock Lesnar for entertainment services, according to a report on

As per the report, The United States Patent and Trademark Office [USPTO] canceled a filing for the trademark last month after WWE failed to comply with a documentation request.

After WWE filed for the application on January 9 this year, the USPTO denied the request on March 12, citing that WWE needed to provide a written consent from Lesnar to move forward with the filing. Furthermore, the USPTO reportedly “had issues with certain verbiage” WWE used in the application. WWE had up to six months to provide written consent from Lesnar, which they failed to comply with. On September 15, WWE’s application was abandoned, and correspondence was sent to the company on October 2.

WWE had previously tried to secure the trademark in 2016 as well but failed in its attempt.

Lesnar had two contracts with WWE, one as an in-ring performer, and another for merchandise. Both have expired since Lesnar’s last WWE appearance at WrestleMania 36, when he lost the WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre. WWE has since pulled all Lesnar merchandise from the WWE Shop.

The report also noted that WWE has until December 2 to appeal the decision. However, it must provide reasoning behind the delay to not comply with documentation request, plus consent from Brock Lesnar to move forward with the application.

As noted, Lesnar was recently spotted in Medicine Hat, Alberta, posing with a fan and sporting a new look.