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WWE Raw star appears to be done as a full-time wrestler


WWE Raw star appears to be done as a full-time wrestler

WWE Raw star Mickie James may be done in the ring, at least as a full-time wrestler.

James is one of the names being advertised for the Raw Legends special that will air on January 4. James has not wrestled since busting her nose during a match against Zelina Vega in September.

James said at the time: “I had my nose broken recently in match so I can’t wrestle for a few weeks. What had happened was, after the swelling went down, I noticed that this whole side of my nose was completely caved in.”

James was out for several months in 2019 and a few months in 2020 because of an ACL injury so she did not see much in-ring action this year. Based on the advertising for the Raw Legends show, it looks like her full-time days are behind her.

Other names announced for the Raw Legends show include Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Big Show, Torrie Wilson, Tatanka, IRS, Jimmy Hart, The Boogeyman, Michael Hayes, and Hillbilly Jim. There are others expected to be announced soon.