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WWE NXT Results – “Takeover: War Games” Go-Home Show, Tag Teams Attack, Pat Patterson Tribute, More


WWE NXT Results – “Takeover: War Games” Go-Home Show, Tag Teams Attack, Pat Patterson Tribute, More

Welcome to our Live WWE NXT Viewing Party. Tonight’s show comes from the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, FL.

– Tonight’s WWE NXT episode opens up on the USA Network with the entire roster, including Triple H, on the stage to pay tribute to WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson, who passed away at the age of 79 today. We get a graphic in memory of the inaugural WWE Intercontinental Champion, and then a video package for Pat’s career, set to “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. We come back to a “thank you Pat!” chant inside the Capitol Wrestling Center. We cut to a standard NXT intro video.

– The “Takeover: WarGames 2020” go-home show kicks off with Vic Joseph welcoming us. He’s joined at ringside by Wade Barrett, and remotely by WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix. We go right to the ring where Damian Priest is waiting.

Damian Priest and Leon Ruff vs. Legado del Fantasma

Damian Priest wraps up his entrance as Johnny Gargano taunts him from the announce table. Out next comes Priest’s partner, NXT North American Champion Leon Ruff. Ruff will defend against Priest and Gargano in a Triple Threat on Sunday at Takeover. We see video from earlier today where Priest was interrupted backstage by Legado del Fantasma, which saw him take out Joaquin Wilde. Priest is replacing Curt Stallion in this match after Stallion was attacked earlier today by Legado del Fantasma. Out next comes Legado del Fantasma – Raul Mendoza and NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar with Wilde.

Escobar starts off with Ruff and they trade holds and counters. Escobar tags in Mendoza. Ruff uses his speed to get the upperhand and drop Mendoza for a 2 count. Mendoza turns it around and tags in Escobar. Ruff tries to fight Escobar off but Escobar drops him with a big knee, sending him into the corner. Priest tags in and taunts Escobar. Escobar smirks and tags in Mendoza.

Mendoza ducks a clothesline and goes behind Priest with a hold. Priest easily turns it around and sends him into the corner but misses and hits the turnbuckles. More back and forth now. Priest with a big back elbow to level Mendoza. Priest goes to the floor and drops Mendoza face-first onto the edge of the apron. Priest rocks Mendoza with a right hand and then slams him back into the steel barrier. Priest breaks the count and goes back to the floor to work Mendoza over. Mendoza tries to counter but Priest drops him at ringside.

We see the masked person wearing the Scream mask in the crowd. Priest rolls Mendoza back in and approaches the Scream mask wearer. Escobar tags in but Priest doesn’t notice it. Escobar flies out and levels Priest on the floor. Escobar smiles and looks down at Priest as we go to picture-in-picture commercial. Escobar brings Priest back in and holds him down while Mendoza tags in to take over.

Back from the break and Escobar tags back out after keeping control of Priest. Mendoza tags in and charges into the corner. Mendoza with more offense before tagging in Escobar for more of the same. Escobar with a suplex in the middle of the ring for a 2 count, and another. Escobar talks some trash and kicks Priest while he’s down. Escobar focuses on the leg now. Mendoza comes back in and keeps Priest down, focusing on his leg after Escobar weakened him.

Mendoza with right hands now. He charges but Priest catches him with a big Flapjack. Ruff tags in and unloads on Escobar and Mendoza. Ruff goes back to work on Escobar but didn’t see Mendoza was tagged in. He level Escobar and covers but Mendoza attacks from behind. Ruff escapes Mendoza’s assault and in comes Priest again. Priest unloads on Mendoza and hits another big Flapjack. Escobar runs in but Priest ends up knocking him out with a stiff forearm. Priest readies in the corner and leaps across the ring to splash Mendoza in the corner. Priest knocks Escobar off the apron to the floor.

Mendoza kicks Priest in the head from the apron. Mendoza leaps off the top but gets rocked in the jaw on the way down. Priest goes to hit The Reckoning on Mendoza but Ruff tags himself in. Priest isn’t thrilled. Priest drops Mendoza with The Reckoning. Ruff follows up with a big Frogsplash off the top rope for the pin to win.

Winners: Leon Ruff and Damian Priest

– After the match, Priest and Ruff stand tall as the music hits. Priest stares Ruff down as Ruff grabs his title. We go to replays. Priest has some words for Ruff and Gargano. Gargano is standing up at the announce table now, running his mouth. We see two people standing behind him in the crowd, wearing the Scream mask.

– We see how Pete Dunne won last week’s Ladder Match over Kyle O’Reilly to secure the WarGames advantage for his team. Still to come, a special look at The Undisputed Era’s dominance. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a WarGames vignette with Shotzi Blackheart, Rhea Ripley and Ember Moon. Shotzi’s new tank is coming along and her final teammate will be revealed later tonight.

– The announcers lead us to a vignette looking at The Undisputed Era’s dominance and their WarGames history. We see them at dinner and Adam Cole says he’s not sure if they’ve ever been tested like this. Roderick Strong says they’ve never had to fight up from the bottom like this. Kyle O’Reilly says it would do them some good to reflect on what got them here. They think it over and Bobby Fish says he’s ready to kick some ass. The video continues and comes back to Cole, who sends a toast to Pat McAfee for being so incredibly smart and so incredibly stupid at the same time. Vic says we will hear from McAfee and his team later tonight.

– We see Cameron Grimes walking backstage, apparently carrying a sack with the leather straps for Takeover. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and McKenzie Mitchell is with Candice LeRae, Toni Storm, Dakota Kai, Raquel Gonzalez and Indi Hartwell in the back. Hartwell is wearing the neck brace from last week. Candice talks about how they’re confident for WarGames and tonight’s Ladder Match for the WarGames advantage. Raquel says it’s going to feel like Shotzi Blackheart for run over by a tank after she’s done with her tonight.

August Grey vs. Cameron Grimes

We go back to the ring and August Grey is wrapping up his entrance. Out next comes Cameron Grimes as Alicia Taylor does the introductions. Grimes is carrying a bag with the leather straps for Sunday’s Strap Match against Dexter Lumis. He pulls the strap out and taunts Grey with it, then drapes it over the top turnbuckle.

The bell rings and they go at it. Grimes unloads and takes control early on. Grey tries to mount some offense. Grimes scoops him but Grey slides out and nails a dropkick. Grey keeps control and drops Grimes with a neckbreaker in the middle of the ring. Grimes sends Grey to the apron and they trade shots. Grey goes to the top and hits a springboard top rope crossbody but Grimes kicks out at 2.

Grey dodges a knee strike and rolls Grimes up for another 2 count. More back and forth in the middle of the ring. Grimes ends up hitting the Cave-In for the pin to win.

Winner: Cameron Grimes

– After the match, Grimes takes the mic as fans boo. He says Lumis is going to be strapped to him, a real man, at Takeover, but he’s afraid Luis may have made a mistake. Grimes wraps the strap and levels Grey as he tries to get up. Grimes yells out and then starts hitting Grey with the strap while taunting Lumis on the mic. Grimes is still running his mouth, not realizing that Lumis has slithered into the ring behind him, with the strap wrapped around his fist. Grimes looks like he’s seen a ghost now. Lumis attacks and unloads on him, also using the strap. Lumis sends Grimes retreating to the stage, yelling out in pain after a strap shot. Lumis stares ahead and we go back to commercial.

Jake Atlas vs. Tony Nese

Back from the break and Jake Atlas is making his entrance. Atlas dedicated this match to WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson and says he was his idol. Tony Nese is waiting in the ring.

The bell rings and they go at it. Nese takes Atlas down and mocks him, taunting him some. Atlas charges but Nese goes into the ropes to break. Atlas takes Nese down with an arm drag, grounding him. They have more words and Nese shoves Atlas but goes back to the ropes to retreat. Atlas with another takedown for a 2 count. Atlas misses a standing moonsault and they tangle but Atlas nails a dropkick.

Nese goes to the floor to regroup but Atlas flies out, sending him into the announce table. Atlas rolls Nese back in and goes to the top. Nese leaps up with a big uppercut, knocking Atlas to the mat. Nese stomps while Atlas is down.

We see The Kings of NXT arriving in the back parking lot. Pat McAfee hypes his team up to the camera as they enter the building. Nese nails a suplex on Atlas for a 2 count. Nese powers up with Atlas on his shoulders now for a Torture Rack. Atlas fights out with elbows to the head. Atlas keeps nailing strikes but Nese kicks him. Atlas blocks a shot and drops Nese with a big clothesline. Atlas drops Nese again as he mounts more offense. Atlas with a German suplex and a forearm for another close 2 count.

Atlas hits himself and gets hyped up as the crowd rallies. Nese avoids a big move by getting to the ropes. Nese connects with a big strike to the jaw. Nese grabs Atlas’ head and talks trash in his face. Nese runs and leaps over the top rope to the floor, dropping Atlas over the top rope. Nese comes back in and looks to tweak his knee but he levels Atlas with a stiff kick to the jaw. Atlas kicks out just in time as the crowd rallies again.

Nese stomps away while Atlas is down in the corner now. Nese goes for a running knee in the corner but Atlas moves. Atlas drops Nese in the corner. Atlas goes to the top and hits his signature Cartwheel DDT for the pin to win, called the biggest win of his career by Vic.

Winner: Jake Atlas

– After the match, the music hits as Atlas celebrates. McKenzie is at ringside waiting for Atlas with a mic. Atlas gets hyped up and says there’s a pattern it seems – take a few steps back but take a few more forward. Atlas talks about how bad things have always happened but he turns it around on his own. He goes on and says he’s not standing here as NXT Cruiserweight Champion but he just picked himself back up with a win, and this is just the beginning, and now it’s time to keep the momentum moving forward until he gets himself back to Santos Escobar and the NXT Cruiserweight Title.

– We see Pat McAfee and his crew walking backstage. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a WarGames hype video with NXT General Manager William Regal going over the rules for Sunday’s matches.

– We go back to the ring and out comes the self-proclaimed Kings of NXT – Pat McAfee, Pete Dunne, and NXT Tag Team Champions Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. McAfee takes the mic and tells Vic to shut up because he sucks. McAfee wants to first thank WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson, who he has immense respect for, for what he did for this business.

McAfee then starts ripping the fans in the arena and at home, and The Undisputed Era. The boos get louder. McAfee mocks the “Night Out with The Undisputed Era” video we saw earlier. Fans start chanting for the group. McAfee says this was the lamest night out on the town he’s ever seen. McAfee goes on about his own team, saying it was put together with a lot of money, which is necessary because you have to invest in greatness and success. This is more money than any of us losers will ever seen, and that’s not including the Mercedes Benz he bought for the injured Ridge Holland. McAfee says they have ran NXT since they got together and at WarGames this Sunday that will continue. McAfee goes on giving major praise to Dunne, mentioning the masked man helping Dunne win last week’s Ladder Match, acting like he had no idea who the masked man was.

McAfee then praises Burch and Lorcan, calling them the absolute best tag team walking the planet. McAfee goes on hyping WarGames when Dunne grabs the mic from his hand. Dunne says this Sunday they will end The Undisputed Era. McAfee says you’re damn right, that’s coming from a man who never talks. McAfee takes one last shot at The Undisputed Era and the fans, then drops the mic. The music hits as the group stares the camera down with Burch and Lorcan raising their titles.

– We see Raquel Gonzalez backstage warming up as Indi Hartwell and the rest of Team Candice LeRae cheer her on.

– Vic sends us to a vignette for The Grizzled Young Veterans – James Drake and Zack Gibson. They returned last week with the attack on Ever-Rise, and will be in action tonight. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a vignette with Xia Li and Boa in an intense training session of some kind with their ShiFu master. The mystery woman from last week looks on from her chair. The training involves Xia and Boa dunking themselves in and out of a water tank as the master commands them. Xia cries but keeps going. The mystery woman looks on, then lifts a hand for it to stop. We cut to Xia and Boa bowing in front of the woman next. They’re told to stand up by the master. They stand and bow to the mystery woman. The master then directs two people in the shadows to hit Boa and Li in the back with kendo sticks. They go down and that ends the vignette.

The Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Ever-Rise

We go back to the ring and Ever-Rise waits – Chase Parker and Matt Martel. Out next comes The Grizzled Young Veterans – James Drake and Zack Gibson.

Imperium’s Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner suddenly attack Ever-Rise from behind. Barthel and Aichner unload on Ever-Rise, destroying them in the ring. Gibson and Drake watch the beatdown from the ramp.

Imperium takes the mic in the ring and asks The Grizzled Young Vets who they think they are because this tag team division belongs to them. They comment on other teams, like NXT Tag Team Champions Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch, being here to have their fun, but Imperium is here to put them all in their place. But now they will put Drake and Gibson in their places. The Grizzled Young Vets hit the ring and we have another match now.

Imperium vs. The Grizzled Young Veterans

Fabian Aichner starts off with Zack Gibson. They tangle and in comes Marcel Barthel for the double team. Barthel works over Gibson now. James Drake provides an assist and Gibson turns it around. Drake tags in and they double team Barthel now.

Drake unloads with chops to Barthel. They go back and forth. Drake fights in from the apron and rolls Barthel for a 2 count. Barthel with a big right hand and some trash talking. Barthel beats Drake down in the middle of the ring now. Aichner tags back in and launches Drake into Barthel’s boot on the apron. Aichner with a belly-to-back suplex and some trash talking while Drake is down.

The announcers praise Imperium’s Alexander Wolfe and NXT UK Champion WALTER, who are not here. Aichner unloads on Drake in the corner. More back and forth now. Gibson tags in and ends up knocking Martel off the apron. Aichner turns it around on Gibson in the middle of the ring. They run the ropes and Aichner catches Gibson on his shoulders for a big slam. Gibson takes Aichner down by his arm but Aichner comes right back with a big chop. More back and forth between the two, trading strikes and counters. Aichner sends Gibson to the floor and tumbles out with him. The two teams have words and strikes at ringside as the referee gets in between them. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Gibson drops Aichner with a heel kick for a close 2 count. He tags in Drake for the double team. Drake drops Aichner for another close 2 count. Imperium ends up turning it around. Barthel with a big running shot to Gibson in the corner, at the same time Aichner delivers a running dropkick to Gibson from the floor. Barthel drops Gibson on his head for a close 2 count in the middle of the ring.

Barthel with a big dropkick to Gibson. They tangle in the corner and Barthel nails a double underhook suplex. Barthel goes to the second turnbuckle but Gibson hits him in the throat on the way down. Barthel also connects on a shot to the throat and they both struggle for breath now. Aichner tags in but Drake is still down on the floor, nowhere to be seen. Gibson gets hit with big double team moves now. Barthel slams Gibson and Aichner covers for a close 2 count. Drake returns to the ring as Aichner misses a moonsault to Gibson. Drake tags in and they unload on Aichner. Drake rocks Aichner in the corner and takes him to the top. Aichner fights back and slides down to avoid the superplex. Drake keeps fighting to avoid the powerbomb from the corner. Barthel shoves Drake from the top, sending him right into a suplex attempt from Aichner. Aichner drops Drake on his head but Drake kicks out as Gibson makes the save.

Barthel gets sent to the floor by Gibson. Aichner comes from behind but Gibson rams him to the corner and holds him, allowing Drake to nail a running dropkick. They keep the offense going on Aichner, then yell out to the crowd. Gibson gets dropped on the floor with Barthel now. Aichner tries to roll Drake for the win but sends him out instead. Aichner sees there’s no tag for him to make. He runs to the top turnbuckle and leaps out, taking Gibson, Drake and Barthel down on the floor.

Ever-Rise suddenly runs down and attacks both teams, taking them out as the referee calls the match.

No Contest

– After the bell, Ever-Rise stands tall and yells out about how they rule everyone else. Fans boo them and they head to the back as the other two teams try to recover at ringside.

– We see Timothy Thatcher backstage warming up. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see how McKenzie tried to get comments from Ever-Rise during the commercial, following them out of the building to their cars. They ranted and yelled about how Imperium and The Grizzled Young Veterans got a taste, and Ever-Rise rules. They drive off.

– We go back to the ring and Timothy Thatcher welcomes us to another live “Thatch-as-Thatch-Can” training session. Thatcher says tonight’s lesson is distraction. He goes on about how a lot of people in NXT lose matches because of distractions. He lists various examples of distractions, including people taking seats at ringside, which is a reference to Tommaso Ciampa sitting at ringside last week for Thatcher’s match against former student August Grey.

Thatcher goes on and is about to introduce tonight’s students. He turns around and standing with one of his students is Ciampa. Thatcher is surprised. Ciampa is here to learn and for some teaching. Thatcher says he has no problem with Ciampa. Ciampa calls him a disappointment. Thatcher looks to exit the ring but walks back over and says he knows what Ciampa is doing. He doesn’t want any trouble… Thatcher suddenly attacks Ciampa for a takedown. Ciampa recovers and drops him. Lesson one – don’t be an ass, says Ciampa.

Thatcher’s student attacks Ciampa from behind. Ciampa is double teamed now as fans boo. Thatcher drives Ciampa to the floor with a knee. They brawl and Thatcher launches Ciampa into the steel and Plexiglas barrier a few times. Thatcher brings it back into the ring but Ciampa goes for a takedown. Thatcher takes control and quickly puts Ciampa to sleep with a submission. Ciampa drops right to the mat and fans continue the boos. Thatcher exits the ring and stares back at Ciampa as he tries to recover.

– Wade Barrett, Sam Roberts and ESPN’s Ariel Helwani are announced for the “Takeover: WarGames 2020” Pre-show on Sunday. The announcers go over the Takeover card.

– We see Shotzi Blackheart and Raquel Gonzalez walking backstage for tonight’s main event. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and McKenzie is backstage with Timothy Thatcher, asking what happened with Tommaso Ciampa. Thatcher says tonight Ciampa learned about distractions, and on Sunday at Takeover he will learn about respect. Thatcher walks off.

Ladder Match for the WarGames Advantage: Shotzi Blackheart vs. Raquel Gonzalez

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event as Raquel Gonzalez makes her way out. There are ladders around the Capitol Wrestling Center. We see both of the women’s WarGames teams watching from the platforms up high in the arena. Out next comes Shotzi Blackheart to a pop. The winner of this match will earn the advantage for her WarGames team on Sunday.

The bell rings and Blackheart nails a dropkick. Gonzalez fights her off. They trade offense. Gonzalez catches a kick and talks trash before putting Blackheart down on the mat. Blackheart kicks her away but misses charging in the corner. Gonzalez catches Blackheart and manhandles her on her shoulders, then slams her to the mat as fans boo. Gonzalez sends Blackheart to the apron but she fights back as fans rally. Blackheart gets knocked to the floor.

Gonzalez goes out and brings a ladder to ringside, standing it up next to the apron. Blackheart attacks from behind. Raquel scoops Blackheart to ram her into the ladder but Shotzi slides out and sends Raquel face-first into the ladder. Shotzi uses the ladder again from in the ring, dropping Raquel on the outside again. Blackheart slides the ladder in the ring but Raquel fights her. Blackheart leaps from the apron but Raquel catches her in mid-air, and drives her into the ladder laying flat on the apron and ring.

Raquel comes in and tries to stand the ladder up but Shotzi stops her, then jumps on her back for a Sleeper hold. Raquel rolls to the floor, still with Shotzi on her back. Raquel walks up the steel steps, back to the apron and rams Shotzi back into the ring post. Shotzi falls to the floor and Raquel recovers. Raquel lifts Shotzi and rams her into the barrier. Shotzi ends up catching a kick and slamming Raquel’s leg back into the steel steps. Shotzi with a big dropkick from the apron as fans cheer her on. Shotzi keeps going but Raquel cuts her off and sends her face-first into the barrier. Shotzi counters and flies back to drop Raquel next to the announce table. We see the other teams cheering them on from the platforms.

More back and forth at ringside now. Raquel sends Shotzi back into the steel steps a few times. We go to picture-in-picture commercial as Raquel recovers and launches Shotzi into the barrier once again. Raquel tries to bring a ladder in the ring but Shotzi attacks and works her over at ringside. Shotzi gets decked again as the referees check on them. Raquel brings a ladder from under the ring but runs in and stops Shotzi from standing one up in the ring.

Back from the break as fans chant “NXT!” while Shotzi tries to ram Raquel off the apron with a ladder. Raquel drops her but is barely standing on the apron. Shotzi comes back and ends up somewhat botching a DDT from the ring to the floor, falling to the floor on her head. Raquel is also slow to get up. Raquel counters a move and slams Shotzi hard into the edge of the apron, face-first. Raquel grabs half of the steel ring steps and rams them into Shotzi’s face to put her back down.

Raquel rolls back in and grabs a ladder. Shotzi is laid out at ringside. Raquel positions a ladder and starts climbing for the briefcase hanging above the ring. Shotzi cuts her off and climbs up. They trade offense at the top of the ladder and both end up crashing down to the mat.

Fans rally as both competitors struggle to get back up. Shotzi climbs but Raquel yanks her off by her leg. Raquel climbs but Shotzi does the same. She fights Shotzi off and climbs but Shotzi tips the ladder over. Shotzi with a forearm as they both go for the ladder. Shotzi grabs a ladder but Raquel kicks it, sending Shotzi back into the corner. Raquel bridges a ladder in the corner. Shotzi avoids a big move in the corner, leaving Raquel leaning against the ladder bridge. Shotzi charges and smashes Raquel’s face into the ladder bridge in the corner.

Fans chant “NXT!” now as Raquel rolls to the floor to recover. Shotzi goes to the top and leaps to the floor, taking Raquel down with a plancha. Shotzi also hit the back of her head on the floor. We see the WarGames teams looking on from the platforms again. Indi Hartwell brings a ladder over for Team Candice LeRae to climb down. Fans boo. Team LeRae runs over and checks on Raquel. Rhea Ripley and Ember Moon are also down now, confronting the other team at ringside. Hartwell positions a ladder in the ring and climbs for the briefcase but Shotzi stops her. Raquel runs in and takes out Shotzi with a huge clothesline.

Both WarGames teams brawl at ringside now. Raquel climbs for the briefcase but NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai flies out of nowhere, latching onto her back as fans pop. Shirai is trying to put Raquel to sleep now. Raquel dumps Shirai to the apron. Raquel charges but Shirai dumps her to the floor over the top rope. Referees and security are trying to stop the big brawl at ringside now. Shirai goes to the top rope and hits a huge moonsault, taking down the large group of bodies at ringside. Fans chant “NXT!” again.

Shotzi returns to the ring and climbs the ladder while everyone else is laid out on the floor. Fans cheer as Shotzi grabs the briefcase and gets the win to give her team the WarGames advantage.

Winner: Shotzi Blackheart

– After the match, the music hits as Shotzi celebrates on top of the ladder with the briefcase. We see bodies still laid out at ringside as LeRae throws a fit. We go to replays. Shirai and Moon are also posing on the ladder now with Shotzi. Ripley poses in front of the ladder as the “NXT!” chants continue. Shotzi has found her final partner for WarGames. Team Shotzi stands tall and celebrates as the “Takeover: WarGames 2020” go-home edition of NXT goes off the air.