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WWE news: Joe Biden entrance turned into comical viral meme by wrestling fans


WWE news: Joe Biden entrance turned into comical viral meme by wrestling fans

President-elect Joe Biden’s victory speech in Delaware has been given the meme treatment.

Biden’s entrance on Saturday night was immediately brought to the attention of wrestling fans around the world as they set their sights on crafting their own personalised memes.

Biden, who was introduced by Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, was seen coming down a ramp, baring little resemblance that of a WWE entrance ramp; nonetheless, wrestling fans latched onto this and what followed was sheer comedy gold.

A barrage of posts featuring the clip with various wrestler’s entrance music dubbed over flooded the web.

Much like the meme doing the rounds a few years back with Randy Orton’s ‘Outta Nowhere’ mash-ups, Stone Cold Steve Austin appears to be the next in line as people have been using him as a prominent figure as of late in their clips, GIF’s and memes

Some of the entrances included theme songs from wrestling greats, such as; Kurt Angle’s iconic entrance music as well as slightly more left of field entries from John Cena’s rap music with even The Rock’s famous theme making an appearance. 

The Rock publicly endorsed a Presidential candidate for the first time in his career back in September, he stated:

“Progress takes courage, humanity, empathy, strength, grit, kindness and respect.”

Although, he is yet to write a message of congratulations to the new President-elect.

The memes are truly hilarious and, no stranger to the WWE, clips of Donald Trump’s bump at Wrestlemania 23, courtesy of a Stone-Cold Stunner was doing the rounds also.

Biden’s speech came after every major news network projected him to be the 46th President of the United States; after gaining the elusive 270 electoral college votes needed to defeat President Trump, a divided America was quick to jump on the media bandwagon and, no matter what side they’re on, can’t deny how funny these clips are.

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