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WWE Monday Night RAW Results for November 23, 2020


WWE Monday Night RAW Results for November 23, 2020

Credit: WINC

We go right to the ring and the Men’s Team RAW is already out – AJ Styles with his muscle Jordan Omogbehin, Braun Strowman, Sheamus, Riddle, and Keith Lee. WWE Producer Adam Pearce is also there and he’s introduced. He talks about last night’s Survivor Series pay-per-view – the celebration of The Undertaker and his “Final Farewell” and the clean sweep by the Men’s Team RAW.

Pearce says the win should come with a reward. He goes on and mentions giving everyone the chance tonight to make their case for what sounds like a WWE Title shot. Sheamus interrupts Pearce and says AJ is not his captain. He then congratulates WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and goes on about how he was the MVP last night. AJ interrupts and disagrees. AJ says it looks like Sheamus will use his friendship with McIntyre to get a title shot. AJ says he was the real MVP last night, as the Team Captain. Lee interrupts and says not only did he save AJ last night, he pinned the actual Team SmackDown Captain, making it obvious who should be worthy of this title shot. Riddle says he wants to be WWE Champion too. He says what they all did last night was pretty sick. He pinned King Corbin and wonders if that makes him King Bro.

Riddle says he would beat Drew to become the WWE Champion. Riddle and Sheamus have words now. Pearce tells Strowman to make his case next. Last but not least. Strowman yells at Pearce for that phrase. Pearce apologizes but Strowman grabs him by his collar and starts yelling at him. Strowman wants to be hit. Pearce pleads. Strowman drops him with a headbutt. The other Team RAW members scold Strowman but he doesn’t want to hear it. We go to commercial.

Pre-recorded segment sees The Hurt Business trash New Day for losing at Survivor Series and Lashley says those titles are missing prestige. Alexander dares them to a title match, and Woods accepts. Kofi reminds Xavier that it’s their day off, but Xavier says they can’t let them talk to them like that.

New Day (C) vs. Hurt Business – RAW Tag Team Championships

Initially, New Day win by countout. MVP beseeches the official to restart the match and ask if New Day are cowards. The match is restarted, and New Day retain when Xavier hits a sunset flip over Shelton Benjamin.

Winners: New Day

Adam Pearce is backstage, and he says if it was up to him, he’d fire Braun Strowman and never see him again. He is then asked about the announcement he was going to make before Bobby Lashley approaches him backstage. Lashley tells him that he wouldn’t do what Braun did, reminds Adam that he was the only RAW champion to win at Survivor Series, so before he makes any decisions, they need to have a chat. Adam and Bobby start talking.