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WWE Monday Night Raw On-Site Report From Memphis, TN –


Thank you to reader Andrew Elder, who provided us with his on-site report Below is an on-site report from reader Andrew Elder who attended WWE Monday Night Raw at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, TN.

Andrew was also on Monday night’s Live Raw Post-Show with Mike and Victoria Tedesco.

WWE Raw Live Report: 

First thing this was my 1st wrestling event in 1 year 11 months and 3 days(Smackdown Jan 3, 2020). 

The first thing was upon entering still have the security protocols that you go through.  All tickets are digital when you walk up they have you scan it under scanner, turns green to let you know you’ll all good (this is probably will be that way from now on). Also concession stands are cashless, so you have to have a credit card or wireless pay thru the Memphis Grizzlies app to buy anything.  There were no mandates for the Arena, so people were wearing mask and others weren’t. 

Not sure what the final numbers on attendance will be, but I believe before taping that 280 tickets were left. There was a massive push by WWE locally to get folks over the past several days with major media blitz.

Main Event Taping:

24/7 Title Match Title Match Dana Brook beats Tamina.

Apollo Crews/Commander Azeez beat Cedric Alexander/Shelton Benjamin 


Thought it was to bad live as said on the Post Raw Show. Without going over the results just going to throw out some tidbits. 

Since last being at show, I think it gave me a fresh perspective. Memphis is different than most crowds. We get quiet and take in the match and only react to the big moves and things. 

Some matches were kind of blah, not bad live but still not great. 

Very interesting to see all that goes into production, changing the ring apron and ring, changing it for segments and other things. Also there was a section that was tarped off. There was a red digital clock keeping the time, to make sure that they did not go over the allotted time that USA gives them. 

Bianca Belair and Jerry Lawler were the most over and got the most reaction. Liv was over but not as much as Jerry and Bianca.  Most heel reactions were pretty on the same par no major booing except Becky.

Disappointed we only got RKO Bro on commentary and backstage that was it, and kind of a downer. 

Bianca Belair returned after the main event and threw Becky back in to have Liv to get her revenge on Becky,  Bianca and Liv hugged and Bianca posed with the fans after to send fans home

Fatal Four Way dark match that was advertised didn’t happen. Think there was a lot of confusion not only by some fans, but also by WWE staff that didn’t know what was supposed to happen after, a as lot were standing round to figure things out. I Saw Mike Rome put on his coat and was leaving, so I knew it was over. 

During commercial breaks was several different cams: The Beard, The People’s Eyebrow, Dance Cam, and Signs cam.  Miz was dancing in the ring during Dance Cam.  Becky was dancing on the second rope during the Sign cam. 

Trivia: Apparently 2006 in Memphis was when The Miz was kicked out the locker room.

Also, move over Angry Miz girl, there now is Angry Becky/Liv Girl. Girl had the same frown and was shown on the big screen after the match.  

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