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WWE instituting new policy for employees


WWE instituting new policy for employees

On Thursday, top WWE executives took part in a “Town Hall” style meeting for employees. has some details on what happened during this meeting that featured the likes of Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan, Sarah Cummins, and new CFO Kristina Salen.

The biggest thing to be revealed from this meeting was the company instituting a flexible work policy going forward. It was said that depending on the jobs of employees, they can choose to work from the office or home and will not be required to return full-time to the office.

Speaking of the office, the company plans to move forward with its new HQ in Stamford, which has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was noted that WWE still plans to go to a much larger headquarters. This has been documented before.

Salen noted that she will be doing presentations on the company’s quarterly earnings for employees. This will be done to directly communicate with the employees and the company. The presentations will happen after the company’s earnings calls.

While taking questions, the subject of live events was brought up. The company noted that there’s still uncertainty as to when they can resume them given the current COVID-19 environment. Other questions were about Khan and Salen talking about why they joined the company.

It was said to be a mostly positive meeting with the company thanking everyone for their hard work.