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WWE had to re-tape portion of SmackDown match


WWE had to re-tape portion of SmackDown match

WWE taped Friday’s episode of SmackDown earlier this week in front of a live virtual audience inside the Thunderdome. As a result, spoilers got out early and there were even photos posted on social media from those attending.

It turns out that WWE had to re-taped a position of the match between Daniel Bryan and Jey Uso.

Fightful Select reports that WWE instructed Bryan to sell the attack from Uso more so the company decided to put the virtual audience in the ThunderDome on a commercial break for several minutes. This was done while WWE re-taped that portion of the contest.

On a related note, fans picked up on the fact that WWE edited out SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks accidentally dropping the title during her entrance for a segment with Bayley, who laughed at her former tag team partner.

Next week’s episode of SmackDown will air live.