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WWE Fans Turn Joe Biden’s Victory Speech Entrance Into A Meme


WWE Fans Turn Joe Biden’s Victory Speech Entrance Into A Meme

New President-elect Joe Biden entrance for his victory speech in Delaware on Saturday night was lapped up by wrestling fans, who edited the footage so that he ran out to themes including Kurt Angle’s, in various clips that have gone viral on social media.

Biden’s speech came after every major news network projected him to be the 46th President of the USA with a win in Pennsylvania pushing him over the 270 electoral college vote threshold to defeat the incumbent Donald Trump.

After being introduced by new Vice President-elect Kamala Harris from the lectern, Biden appeared to the sound of beeping horns and cheering, running down a ramp way that bore no little resemblance to a WWE entrance ramp.

Of course social media leapt on this and what followed was a barrage of posts featuring the clip over dubbed with various wrestlers’ entrance music.

The Texas Rattlesnake has been a prominent figure among election memes in recent days, with many digging out the .gif of him giving Donald Trump his Stone Cold Stunner finishing manoeuvre in the ring at Wrestlemania 23, back in 2007.

Another popular post overdubbed early 90s star the Ultimate Warrior’s entrance music, in a reference to the Warrior’s famous sprint down the ramp way into the ring. Admittedly 77 year-old Joe Biden wasn’t running quite as quickly.

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Others opted to post Biden coming out to The Rock’s entrance music. The Hollywood actor and former WWE champion had endorsed the Democratic candidates for the election at the end of September in what was his first ever public support of a Presidential candidate.

He’d written in his endorsement, “Progress takes courage, humanity, empathy, strength, grit, kindness and respect.” Although he hasn’t as yet written a public message of congratulations.

Inevitably some also posted John Cena’s entrance music over the top of Biden’s arrival, with the lyrics “your time is up my time is now” particularly apt for his opponent in light of the result.

Unlike Cena, though, you definitely could see Joe Biden as he entered the stage, having successfully laid the smackdown on Donald Trump.