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WWE Considering Booking Incredibly Inventive Royal Rumble Finish


WWE Considering Booking Incredibly Inventive Royal Rumble Finish

WWE has some interesting booking decisions available if they need to get themselves out of a tricky situation. One idea could turn the concept of the Royal Rumble on its head.

During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez discussed some possible creative Royal Rumble booking ideas. He provided a scenario that is apparently floating around WWE. This could see someone like Lana take the number 30 spot in the Royal Rumble and have her win without needing to really do anything.

“I can tell you this that they’ve been considering doing that finish for years, not with anybody in particular. It comes down and there are two guys left and number 30 hasn’t come out yet and the last two guys eliminate themselves and then number 30 saunters down to the ring and wins, and you know, I’ve heard the idea before. I don’t know if they’ve actually considered doing it, but people there have told me the idea.”

It was said that when Daniel Bryan was unable to compete, and he was “retired.” there were some who tossed around that idea for him. That would have given Daniel Bryan a Royal Rumble victory and he wouldn’t have to take any bumps in the process.

He then said that Daniel Bryan couldn’t have competed at WrestleMania when he was medically disqualified, but Lana could compete at Mania if they used that booking idea. We’ll have to see what WWE has in store, but the Royal Rumble could be very interesting this year.

Transcription by Ringside News