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Why Vince McMahon decided to pull back on Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson act after their match with Mean Street Posse


Why Vince McMahon decided to pull back on Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson act after their match with Mean Street Posse

This week on “Mailbag Monday” on, Gerald Brisco paid tribute to the late great Pat Patterson with stories about Patterson’s wrestling career and his post-wrestling days working behind-the-scenes in WWE.

Here are some highlights:

Brisco was asked what Pat Patterson’s reactions were backstage seeing his vision of a match unfold in the ring. Brisco said, “Pat Patterson would literally cry during a match because it’s that emotion he gave to the guys and they are repeating that emotion. Pat feels it just like the fans were feeling it. Pat would stand at the back and say, ‘It’s so great. It’s exactly how I laid it out.’ That’s how much respect he had from the talent. When Pat told you exactly how to do something, you knew that he knew what he was talking about. I’ve seen Pat get emotional and cry during a match because it was going so well and he was so proud of the guy. When Rey Mysterio won his first title, Pat was in tears because it was Pat Patterson who pushed Rey Mysterio to the top.”

Brisco was asked why he and Patterson’s act as The Stooges started slowing down and came to an end. Brisco said, “This is what was told to me. Vince was really getting pushed and rightfully so as the top heel in the company. After that Mean Street Posse match, the people started cheering for Pat and I.  Vince was going for the heat and The Stooges were getting abused and were the underdogs and the people buy underdogs for some reason. You liked us but you hated Vince. We were with Vince. Why didn’t you hate us too? We were doing entertaining things. Maybe we were taking some of that heat away from Vince.

This is just my theory and what I was told was that we were getting over so well as babyfaces and Vince was getting ready to get on with Stone Cold and they needed Vince to be as hot as he was. Shane and Stephanie were coming along at that time being part of the family and with that Corporation. We faded into the background which we should have. This character was never meant to hit two years. It was supposed to be a one or two off and that’s it.  But, thankfully people started buying into Pat and myself and believing in us and we became part of the entire star series. It wasn’t meant to last two years, but I think with Pat’s personality that he had and the talent and creativity he had on some of these skits is what kept us going.”

Brisco commented on Kurt Angle doing comedy in the WWE: “They were having Kurt do a lot of stuff that I was so against when they first proposed it. I would tell Kurt what was ready to come down. Kurt was such a professional. Kurt said, ‘I know it’s show business and I know I’m playing a role. I’m so comfortable in myself knowing my abilities that I have, there is not much that I can’t do and instantly get back to being an Olympic Gold Medalist.’”

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