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Vince McMahon has his thoughts on Keith Lee and things are not looking good


Vince McMahon has his thoughts on Keith Lee and things are not looking good

Although he is recognized by many in WWE to be a great wrestler who can be a top star in the company, it looks like the honeymoon period for Keith Lee has ended.

As noted earlier, Lee is among the names that were told to get additional training because Vince McMahon was not happy with some of his ring work. Bruce Prichard is said to be very influential behind-the-scenes and has reportedly expressed that the NXT wrestlers need better training.

The latest from backstage comes from Ringside News. They report that WWE sources say that Vince McMahon just “doesn’t see it in him” in regards to Lee. This does not bode well for Lee as a potential top tier guy on the main roster.

McMahon is said to be going off “his feeling” and what he’s been told by people like Prichard, Kevin Dunn, and a few select others and the people who are getting through to him are saying that Lee needs more in-ring training. This is not going over well with the talent who have worked with him and have praised his work. During his days in NXT, we were told that there were no complaints about Lee and he helped others when he was there. In fact, when Lee appeared at last year’s Survivor Series when he was part of the NXT team, we heard that McMahon loved Lee and felt that he could be a big star when he moved up to the main roster. Things have changed since then.

RSN cited a source saying, “we’re not in front of a live crowd. so Vince can only go by what he feels. or what Kevin Dunn says on headsets.”

Perhaps, things will change when fans are allowed at shows in a few months but this kind of feedback from McMahon is not good because it’s difficult to get him to change his mind once he gets set in his ways. For now, there is no feedback from fans at the ThunderDome shows and it makes it tougher to figure out who is getting over.