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Videos: Watch The Undertaker’s Limited-Time Cameos


Videos: Watch The Undertaker’s Limited-Time Cameos

The Undertaker joined Cameo for one night only, and the results were interesting, to say the least.

As exclusively reported, Cameo is one of the services that WWE is making talent turn over in the wake of their third-party edict being enforced. The platform allows fans to pay celebrities for short-form video messages, such as birthday wishes, congratulatory words, or really anything they want. Taker joined Cameo for just 30 videos for $1,000 each in the build-up to his “Final Farewell” at WWE Survivor Series.

A couple of the Deadman’s Cameos have been made public. One video sees Taker wishing a child named Sebastian a Merry Christmas, while also acknowledging his baseball skills.

“Hello Sebastian. It’s The Undertaker. And your mom reached out to me. She told me, you started at a new school this year. In fact, she also said that you were quite the baseball player. So, from The Undertaker to you, Sebastian, I want to wish you the most merry of all Christmases. Your mom loves you very much. And The Undertaker? Well, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a ‘Rest.. In.. Peace.'”

Another fan by the name of Chris requested that Taker thank the McMahons in his $1,000 video.

“Hello Chris. I got your note. And before I thank the fans, I want to thank you for being such a fan. You are what makes the WWE tick. I also want to thank Vince McMahon, Linda McMahon, and the entire McMahon family, because their vision he connected people all around the world with the same common goal and same common interest of sports-entertainment. So, McMahon family, from The Undertaker and Chris, thank you. Now, rest.. in.. peace.”

The final video made public came from a user by the name of “All Elite Scooby Doo,” which saw Taker congratulate him on his upcoming wedding.

You can check out some of Taker’s Cameo messages below: