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Victoria says she had no idea Nicki Minaj sang her them song, why she left WWE, Chyna helped her get into wrestling


Victoria says she had no idea Nicki Minaj sang her them song, why she left WWE, Chyna helped her get into wrestling

Chris Van Vliet interviewed former WWE Superstar Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon) this week for his YouTube channel.

She talked about how Chyna convinced her to become a wrestler, retiring from wrestling, her run in WWE and TNA and much more.

Check out the transcribed highlights below and scroll down to watch the full interview.

Victoria talked about her fitness and bodybuilding competitions prior to WWE: “I met Torrie (Wilson). We competed in fitness together and had the same sponsor prior to wrestling. We were roommates. We competing for Ms. Galaxy and that’s how our friendship began. She got to WCW and she brought me backstage. I was like what is this? You’re escorting a guy to the ring and you get paid for that because you’re hot and shredded? She is beautiful and stunning. Pictures don’t do her justice. She tried to get me to WCW and they were not hiring anybody. That was when they were going down. I met Chyna at Crunch Gym in West Hollywood.  She asked if I was a wrestler and thought I had a really good look for it. I asked, ‘who would I send my stuff to?’ and she gave me the address. It was the corporate address in Connecticut.”

Victoria told us the story of having “All the things she said” theme music by t.A.T.u.:  “I had no clue. When they played the song for me and they played the video, I was like, are you going to have me be a lesbian? They said, no, ‘listen to the words.’ We only owned that for a year. It wasn’t my choice to change. The next song was from Nicki Minaj but she wasn’t Nicki Minaj at the time. She had a different name. They asked what kind of music I was into and I said hip hop. That’s when they chose that song, ‘I ain’t a lady to mess with’ and they chose that as my entrance. Years later on Twitter, I found out that it was Nicki Minaj that did my entrance music. I thought it was just a New Yorker. I didn’t know that side of it. We didn’t get to go meet the artists.”

Victoria talked about leaving WWE: “I actually had two years left on my contract. I talked to Vince, Johnny Ace, and Stephanie McMahon…I thought I was done…I had a 30-day no-compete clause.  TNA called me and I said I need to think about it. They said we need to know tonight because we want to debut you Monday. I said, ok, I will sign for a year and see if I like it. I did not have plans to go to TNA when I left WWE.”

Victoria said she got fired in TNA: “I wasn’t going to resign. I didn’t know I was booked on a PPV until I read a tweet. I called the office and said, ‘Am I on a PPV? I haven’t got the travel and I’m supposed to travel tomorrow.’ They were like, oh s**t. It was very unorganized. I didn’t feel appreciated I guess. I had two more months on my contract and I got a call from the travel department from Bob Ryder and they said we are letting you go. I got let go from the travel department. Wow, talent relations didn’t even call me to let me go.  Bruce Prichard was talent relations. I ran into him at a Comic Con or some kind of signing. The guy that brought me in brought him in. He was in the same car. I said, ‘Bruce, this has been bothering me a long time. I just want to say this because I’m not going back to the business, but I am really upset that you didn’t call me to release me.’  He said he didn’t know that I got released until the following weekend. He said and that’s because he got released the following week. I said, ok, that makes me feel better, not that he got released.”

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