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Veer Mahaan re-debuts on Monday’s WWE Raw


After months of “coming soon” vignettes, Veer Mahaan made his re-debut on Monday’s WWE Raw fallout WrestleMania 38 episode.

The Miz defeated Dominik Mysterio in a squash match as Rey watched from ringside. Veer made his appearance after the match ended.

Below is an excerpt from Mike Tedesco’s WWE Raw recap of Veer Mahaan’s re-debut.

The Miz celebrates… until Veer Mahaan makes his way to the ring. Mahaan storms down to the ring. Miz bails out of the ring, leaving Rey and Dominik Mysterio behind. Mahaan kicks Dominik down. Rey punches Mahaan, but Mahaan sends him into the ropes and clotheslines him down. Mahaan then slams Rey hard with a sidewalk slam. Mahaan attacks the back of Dominik and applies a cervical clutch. Dominik screams in pain and desperately taps out. Rey grabs at Mahaan’s foot, but he can do nothing. Mahaan releases when he is ready and stands tall in the ring.

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