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Tyson Kidd has been trying to get Davey Boy Smith Jr. to return to WWE


Tyson Kidd has been trying to get Davey Boy Smith Jr. to return to WWE

WWE Producer Tyson Kidd was interviewed by the DropKick podcast this week and he had some interesting things to say about the potential return of a former WWE Superstar.

Thanks to Danial Ali for the following:

Credit: Danial Ali
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Full Interview:

Danial:  Recently, we’ve heard that Harry Smith, Your former tag team partner. Where do you see him going? Do you see him coming back to the WWE in the future? (33:13)

Tyson Kidd: “Man I’ve been trying to convince him to come back for a very long time and I’ve never left. I’m waiting on this guy to come back. He’s funny, he’s interesting. He’s always been this way his whole life and then you know it’s all the credit to him. He kind of always and I mean this in a positive way marches to the beat of his own drum and he kind of does his own thing. He’s not easily swayed, Which I really like about him. It’s not like I just talked to him one day and I’m like hey man come back here and then he goes okay and then just like you know comes back and then a month later he’s unhappy. He weighs everything out and he puts a lot of thought into everything he does and I know obviously how the world has changed these last nine months has affected him, in terms of he just hasn’t been wrestling very often. Not until the last bit he had a couple matches finally but he’s supposed to go to Japan and stuff and those plans got altered.

 Tyson Kidd: “So where he ends up honestly at this moment I don’t know. I recorded a thing for who knows when this will come out but I recorded wwe icons on the WWE Network for Davey Boy. They asked me about Harry and I said hopefully when this comes out he’s back here. (35:23)

Danial: You have your own supplement company called (WorkHorse fitness) What was the concept behind this? How did you come up with the idea and also the name? (12:23)

Tyson KIdd: “it’s funny, a friend of mine, He was kind of like talking to some supplement companies about… he was kind of handling it for me like to you know almost like a sponsorship. Yeah and then I  decided like why not maybe start my own and help me out in terms of but he’d be my partner. He does a lot of the actual physical shipping and the storage. It was a cool process, it became fun in terms of I can’t draw a stickman. You know, I can’t come up with the logo and wanted to have the best ingredients in the supplement. I didn’t want to have a lot of filler and I didn’t want to have a lot of wasted stuff. I didn’t want a lot of b or c grade ingredients, I wanted all like top-notch stuff.

Tyson Kidd: (14:12) “So where the name came from was actually the same as my wrestling. It’s actually fun. The true origin of the name when I was on Smackdown and I’d be wrestling one time on Smackdown and this is a bit later on but at one point we’d film NXT, Superstars, and then Smackdown on tuesdays. There were a lot of occasions that I’d be booked on Superstars and NXT or on Smackdown. On a couple occasions I’d be booked on all three. Wade Barret switched over to Smackdown at the time and made the Core. Wade was looking at the sheet at the lineup and I won’t give a bad impression of right now, his voice is very cool and I don’t wanna butcher that but he looked at it and he was like Damn TJ you really are a workhorse. You got three matches tonight? And I was like wait and stick around for a few weeks.