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Trish Stratus has talked with Matt Bloom about working as WWE NXT producer


Trish Stratus has talked with Matt Bloom about working as WWE NXT producer

Trish Stratus is not only open to the idea of helping the young talent in WWE but has talked with Performance Center head coach Matt Bloom about the possibility.

The WWE Hall of Famer had her retirement match at the 2019 SummerSlam pay-per-view in her home country of Canada against Charlotte Flair.

The former WWE Women’s Champion made an appearance on the Women’s Wrestling Talk podcast. This is where she was asked about the possibility of being a producer for WWE NXT.

She started out by stating, “I would love to, I love the idea of it.”

She continued by noting that she can’t be on the road to work with the talent though due to her responsibilities at home with her family. She noted that she would love to contribute in some way and recalled how when she would go back to WWE, she enjoyed talking with the wrestlers about their mindsets regarding wrestling. She noted that working with Fit Finlay about the art of storytelling stimulated her and thought they could put together some good matches.

“We would be like co-agenting probably. We would be awesome but, I would like to contribute in some way and I’ve talked to Matt Bloom, my former partner about possibly going to NXT. We’ve talked about it on a number of occasions. It’s just like never the right time has come about to do that.”

She added that she would love to work with young talent. You can listen to the entire interview by clicking on the player below (quotes can be found at the 29:28 mark):