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Triple H has put a team together for new WWE NXT show


Triple H has put a team together for new WWE NXT show

WWE’s plans for a new NXT show are moving forward as Triple H has started to build a team for it.

Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter last month that the WWE executive had been going through the budgets to “try to find a way to implement some type of a show that would get more NXT talent ring time and exposure. They aren’t going to do house shows but they may add something in some form.”

PWrestling.comreports that Triple H has created a team to oversee the new NXT show. The idea is that it would be a minor league system for NXT, which was what EVOLVE had been doing in recent years before it shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ironically, Gabe Sapolsky, who had been the head booker of EVOLVE, will be leading the team as he has been given several agents and writers to help him get more comfortable with writing television. Sapolsky had been working for WWE NXT before EVOLVE went out of business.

It was noted that Triple H is a big believer in Sapolsky and this is a case of “The Game” giving him the ball. The idea for the show was described as an “NXT for NXT.”

WWE originally thought this would be another promotion to run smaller markets that NXT did before the pandemic, mostly in Florida. The pandemic has changed the way that WWE will tour as they will scale way back on running house shows in the post-pandemic era. Thus, this will be just a television show.

WWE originally planned for the show to launch early next year, but it has been delayed before and was said to likely be pushed back again.