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Trent Defends The BTE Title, Matt Hardy Congratulates The Young Bucks (Being The Elite Recap)


Trent Defends The BTE Title, Matt Hardy Congratulates The Young Bucks (Being The Elite Recap)

Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Alex Reynolds and John Silver try to recruit Frankie Kazarian into the Dark Order. Kazarian says he would considered it if the group hadn’t beaten him and Scorpio Sky for weeks earlier in the year. Kazarian says they seem like good guys, but he hates the Dark Order. “Do ya?!” Silver says, Frankie doesn’t like him stealing his phrase. He passes on the offer. Jerry Lynn shows up and says he thinks Frankie needs an intervention for anger management. Frankie goes off on him.

* Peter Avalon enjoying a drink, but Arthur and Trevor show up. Arthur rips him a bit, Trevor tries to prop Avalon up, but Peter doesn’t want any help. Avalon tells them his date didn’t show up, how about a drink? They end up staying and all getting drunk, Arthur gets sick to his stomach.

* Nick and Matt put their nameplates on the AEW World Tag Titles.

* Matt and Nick talk with Sammy Guevara who mistakenly cut the BTE Championship in half when attempting to do a bit for his vlog. The guys thought it was a joke at first, but Sammy says it wasn’t and was really sorry. Eventually, Sammy points to his camera (that was hidden) and says it is actually a joke and that’s not their BTE title. The guys find Trent who has the proper title.

* Brandon Cutler asks Frankie if he’s on a “streak” now after two wins. Frankie calls him a mark for thinking that, Cutler says he sure could use those anger management classes and Frankie chases after him.

* Young Bucks show off their new Young Bucks’ book and hand out a couple to those in the locker room who helped them along the way. They plug the book and some of the stories fans might not know about them.

* Private Party talks to Grayson about the Dark Order party being lame. He then says to “be cool” as Anna Jay walks by, and she shoves him over a table.

* AEW wrestlers play a live-action version of the video game, Among Us.

* Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor pour a little beer on Trent to “celebrate” him winning the BTE Title. Trent says he doesn’t really want this thing, but will defend it.

* Dark Order at the hangout, John Silver says he lost the biggest match of his career because his friends were no where to be found. They try to figure out what to do next. Anna Jay says she’s still mad at Silver for not hugging him. Silver ends up hugging 10 again. They decide just to rip on 5, and eventually give him a haircut.

* Matt Hardy in the EVP room to talk with The Young Bucks, and congratulate them about their tag title victory. Hardy says he was very happy with how The Elite Deletion went, noting he’s brought an inter-connective story between TNA, WWE, and AEW. He mentions multiple times how he invented the modern cinematic wrestling match. Matt and Nick feel like he’s underselling their tag title win. Hardy says it was a great win, but not as great as the TLC concept that he helped create! Hardy wondered if Matt has his name because of him. Hardy says he’s getting back to being who he is and is ready to do more in AEW. He goes to leave and lets Matt and Nick they are going to be “big deals” real soon. Matt and Nick are annoyed, but agree. The brothers wonder which version of Matt that was, maybe an AEW original gimmick?

* Trent defends the BTE Title against John Silver (with Cassidy and Reynolds in the background). They flip water bottles, winner is first to three. Silver ends up winning and taking the title. He does some “Yes!” chants to end the video.

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