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Tony Khan Reveals 1,000 Fans Will Be At The Full Gear PPV


Tony Khan Reveals 1,000 Fans Will Be At The Full Gear PPV

AEW President and CEO Tony Khan recently appeared as a guest on AEW’s Unrestricted podcast with AEW Announcer Tony Schiavone and AEW Referee Aubrey Edwards to hype as well as give a preview on tomorrow’s AEW Full Gear PPV Event.

There were reports that the ticket sales of the show were not good and there were some concerns over it, but Khan confirmed that Full Gear is sold out.

Khan also revealed that 1,000 fans will be in attendance at Daily’s Place, running at about 20% capacity. He also talked about the safety protocols that will be followed during the Full Gear PPV Event tomorrow.

This is what Tony Khan said:

“I think this would have been the same strong card. I think things would have happened differently along the way that would have changed it.” “So it would have been different iterations, but I think there’s no way we could have presented a stronger card under any circumstances. I’d love to be able to pack a building safely with fans. It’s just not possible.”

“So what we’re doing is everything we can do in our power to have a show with fans with the energy of a great crowd but doing it safely with an outdoor show, with physically-distanced fans in masks and seated in these seating pods that are spaced out by keeping people separate and keeping the secondary ticket market from splitting these pods up and putting strangers together where it’s all social groups hanging out and and trying to limit any mixing and trying to keep people from jamming into the bathrooms or any of the concourses. We’re really enforcing the masks, and I think it’s working. We’ve got a great crowd.”

“We’ve got this PPV where we got maybe our best lineup, I think probably our best lineup we’ve ever had. I feel confident going into the show that it’s the strongest show we presented, and I want everybody at home to know that if you want to see a wrestling show with a great crowd, you’re going to get it. There’s going to be a great crowd there. There’s going to be 1,000 people, but the building’s going to be running at about 20% capacity with people spaced out throughout Daily’s Place, and it’s going to be a great show. We are sold out.”

Khan then talked about the NWA World Women’s Championship match that was recently added in The Buy-In Pre-Show where former champion Allysin Kay will challenge Serena Deeb.

This is what Tony Khan said:

“This just got added yesterday, and I think it’s really exciting because Billy and I spoke and Serena just became the champion last week.” “Serena, as the new champion, having just come to Dynamite last week to defend her title, I thought that yesterday would be a great time to ask Billy about having her make another defense, but this time at The Buy-In.”

“And it would be a great opportunity to showcase the NWA to the world because there’s going to be this huge audience on our PPVs. So it’s a win-win for both companies, and it’s the kind of relationships we’d like to have with other wrestling companies, which is great. Everyone’s going to get a chance to see a great match, and Serena is a great AEW wrestler and I think the NWA’s fortunate to have such a great champion in Serena. And I think we’re fortunate to have such a great star. She’s great. Allysin Kay is a former champion.”

“They were supposed to have a match a couple months back, several weeks ago on PPV for another company, did not happen, and now it is happening here in The Buy-In. So everyone’s going to get to see that match for free. They don’t have to pay for it, and I’m really excited about it. And it’s a great chance, like I said, to work with other companies, but it’s a great chance to showcase one of our top new stars who signed in 2020, which is Serena Deeb.”