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Tony Khan On Understanding Criticism On The Women’s Division


Tony Khan On Understanding Criticism On The Women’s Division

The Women’s Division in All Elite Wrestling has been criticized and mocked for the better part of the year. Whether that is due to their storylines, performance as talents, or some other deeper reason, that remains to be seen. AEW Executive Cody Rhodes did defend as well as justify the build towards the AEW Women’s World Championship Match between Hikaru Shida vs. Nyla Rose at Full Gear, which took place just about five minutes on AEW Dynamite prior to last Saturday’s show.

Following Full Gear, AEW President and CEO Tony Khan took part in the media scrum and gave his thoughts on the criticism people have on the company’s Women’s Division, which he also defended.

This is what Tony Khan said:

“One thing is, people say — and I understand what people are saying about the division. I probably, I should have probably done better to put some of Nyla’s story when she said she wasn’t going to wrestle again and Vickie said she wasn’t going to wrestle again until they got the title shot. I should have used that on Dynamite more. I watch Dark very closely and work on Dark very closely, and book Dark. So I’m obviously watching Dark, but I forget sometimes that there’s about half the audience watches Dark for us, typically. If we do, typically, if we do in the overall audience 800,000 to a million on a good week, 400 [thousand] plus in the demo, I think Dark is probably about half that. And I think it’s a good audience we’ve built and a great show, but I probably should have put that on.”

“And then to be honest, the time in the real world, Vickie was not able to come those weeks. Not because she was sick, but because it was a conflict that she always had. And so I gave her that time off, and I probably should have made it clear. There’s a lot to putting the shows together.”

You can check out Tony Khan’s comments in the video below: